Keoghs celebrates its latest win.

RollOnFriday is delighted to award Keoghs its first ever award, for Saddest Trophy Cabinet. 

When a firm dedicates a whole section of its website to awards, you might expect it to have some. However, visitors to Keoghs will instead find a heartbreaking notification that the "content" is "TBC", alongside a watermarked Shutterstock image of a woman looking at something in VR, presumably a shelf full of dazzling imaginary prizes:


The area headed "Our Awards" is extensive, but, it turns out, purely aspirational: 

Keoghs 3

Or perhaps the firm just cleaned up at the Example Awards 2021.

Keogh 2

Should Keoghs decide to fill some of the blank spaces, it can always place its senior partner on an awards judging panel; or put forward a long-retired lawyer for a prize; or shoot low for a Gold-ish standard for women; or just make something up.

Until then, Keoghs might just be the Spurs of the legal world:

Keoghs Spurs

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Anonymous 25 February 22 09:55

Looks like IT was given an early morning spanking, the section has been deleted. Sad, it was a testament to the firm's optimism.

Anonymous 25 February 22 10:58

Awards for:

- Most owned by an insurer award

- Best view of Bolton FC stadium award

- Fixed fee chaser to the bottom of the industry award

- 95k pay for partners award

Anonymous 25 February 22 11:59

Not sure about that, I love Bolton.  The best firm in that town has to be Glaister Plumbing and Heating.  5* reviews and tons of happy punters.  I cannot be sure how Glaister would measure up to Keoghs in terms of an ability to generate coherent pleadings or to manage litigation in a reasonable manner.  Very favourably, would be my guess.

Special K 25 February 22 12:27

It’s not all about Bolton. Keoghs has a City office with a special room for awards. It’s not empty. It’s got a pink carpet. 

Contender 25 February 22 12:58

About time Keoghs started getting a mention on ROF. Great work. Classic crappery revealed to the World. I bet IT had a bo!!@cling today 😂

Anonymous 25 February 22 12:59

Keoghs have actually won lots of awards, bless them - a bit of gentle ribbing never hurt anybody though!

Was once Ritson 25 February 22 14:33

I seem to recall that before their expensive rebranding Keoghs were the Lancashire 5-a-side league runner up. 

Surely that’s worth a web site splash and a photo of the award?

Anonymous 25 February 22 14:36

Other awards include the most predictable hiring by picking off disillusioned staff from DACB and DWF.

To 14.36 25 February 22 15:23

Agreed. If by disillusioned you mean the staff who are being managed out.  

Keoghs are known for relying on other firms to train staff. Their own trainee arrangements aren’t up to much. 

SecularJurist 25 February 22 17:41

Indeed, it makes them look like the Tottenham of the (English) legal world. Spurs supporters would fit right in and enjoy the self-deprecatory humour.

Further, to be even more like TH Ltd, they need to be owned by an offshore entity, a parsimonious wage structure, refuse to shell out for top talent and have a high turnover of MPs.

Gooner 25 February 22 20:01

It cheers me up to see Spurs in a story with Keoghs. Bit harsh on Spurs though. Even after all these years with no silverware. And I speak as a Highbury man. 


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