The transcript of a medal-wearing lawyer's interrogation by a judge who said he looked "like something out of Harry Potter" reveals the full toe-curling extent of the dressing-down.

Alan Blacker, who calls himself Dr The Right Honourable The Lord Harley of Counsel of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, was thrust into the media spotlight last year as a result of Judge Morgan's Harry Potter comment. Now the full transcript of the encounter, unearthed by internet Blacker fansite LawBytes, reveals just how much Morgan despises all things magical.

  Alan Blacker and the Judge of Ire

Blacker's ordeal began after his case had finished, just as he was packing up his things (files, heraldic shield, wand):

In what must have been an awkward moment for the rest of the court, Morgan refuses to let Blacker off the hook and instead orders Blacker to explain exactly why he dresses like a heavily-decorated war veteran:

Having established that Lord Chief Justice Thompson was either fictional or judged in the local park with a jury of pigeons and claims made of Special Brew, Morgan opens a Hagrid-sized can of whupass on Blacker, and even drags in the other side's counsel to add to His Lordship's humiliation:

Dobby should never have told Master Lord Blacker to take that case. Bad, stupid Dobby.

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Anonymous 20 March 15 07:00

And there's more.


Anonymous 20 March 15 10:48

I like the guy - a real British eccentric, and one of a dying breed. So much more interesting than the pompous be-suited grey men who infest most firms.

Anonymous 26 March 15 09:31

My mother assures me all my swimming badges are real achievements, maybe I should decorate my court dress too.

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