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Sheroze on a previous aid trip

A junior lawyer from Forbes Solicitors is heading to Syria and Turkey to provide aid to earthquake victims. 

Sheroze Nadeem is taking the trip with the Salam charity at the end of this week. The organisation is purchasing aid and loading containers to travel into Syria and across Turkey to distribute necessities such as food, coal, heaters, tents and medical supplies. The aim is for Nadeem to be in Syria for around 24 hours and then head to Turkey for around three days.

"Those impacted will have barely begun to recover and have felt a further significant earthquake which is devastating," Sheroze told RollOnFriday. He said that the situation "reminds us all at how delicate and precious life truly is and we have seen in the recent years how closer to home this is for us all."

He added that his trip would not be possible "without the support of my employer and our Commercial Litigation team who are all available to pick up my matters in my absence at very short notice".

It is not the first aid trip that Sheroze has undertaken with the Salam charity; last year he assisted at various refugee camps in Lebanon and on the Syrian border. And he has also travelled to Pakistan to provide support to people affected by the devastating floods. 

Pauline Rigby, Managing Partner of Forbes Solicitors, told RollOnFriday: “Sheroze is really keen to do what he can to help the people affected by this devastating earthquake. We’re extremely proud of him and to be able to support him with his charitable efforts."

"He works as part of a fantastic team, who are all more than willing to pitch in and cover day-to-day responsibilities, so that he can do what he can to deliver aid to survivors," added Rigby. "Sheroze is a fantastic charitable ambassador for Forbes Solicitors and we wish him the very best on his trip to provide much needed aid to survivors.”

You can donate to Sheroze's JustGiving page here

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