Not for the lads, for a very good cause.

A law firm has distanced itself from a woman who flashed her tatas at a charity event.

The young lady appears to have become overwhelmed at the Cornflower Ball, an annual fundraiser in aid of the Spinal Injuries Association

Perhaps it was the booze, or perhaps it was the thrill of being in a room full of lawyers from numerous personal injury firms, but during the evening she made the bold decision to pop out her bosom for the event’s fixed video camera.

SIA’s social media team appears not to have checked the clips in advance of publishing the video loops on the internet, resulting in multiple calls to the charity, more calls to the law firm concerned, and a hasty removal of the offending material. But not before it went viral in the PI community.

The openminded guest was sitting at a table hosted by CFG Law, but the firm was clear with RollOnFriday that she had nothing to do with CFG, and had been allocated to its table along with a wheelchair rugby world champion by organisers.

RollOnFriday has hidden the woman’s features and is not identifying her, because anyone can be forgiven for getting overexcited in the company of catastrophic injury lawyers from Irwin Mitchell and Slaters.

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My eyes, my eyes 21 April 23 08:56

You may have blanked out part of her face in that image, but more of it is visible in the neighbouring photo where she's playing a bit of tonsil tennis...

Jamie Hamilton 21 April 23 09:06

Thanks My eyes, my eyes: We thought she was sufficiently obscured in that clip, but have amended the gif to blot out her face just in case.

Gameboy 21 April 23 09:37

"RollOnFriday has hidden the woman’s features and is not identifying her"


Translation: we would refer you to Google to search for her 

heard you billed 1300 with a 65% recovery on panel rates 21 April 23 10:08

mate I don't want to be the woke mob here but isn't calling the firm and charity over a tiny nip flash a bit ott



Anonymous 21 April 23 10:19

"SIA’s social media team appears not to have checked the clips in advance of publishing the video loops on the internet, resulting in multiple calls to the charity..."

... enquiring - on behalf of a friend - how they might procure tickets to next year's event and whether the young woman in question had plans next Saturday at all? 

Anonymous 21 April 23 10:49

"isn't calling the firm and charity over a tiny nip flash a bit ott"

Yes it is.

I wish there was some kind of New New World that we could shove all of the Neo-Puritans off to*.


But I doubt the charity minds particularly, this is the best publicity they've had in decades. They'll be queueing down the road for next years tickets even if they double the prices.



*e.g. Alpha Centauri

The Naked Rambler 21 April 23 11:00

Call them old-fashioned, but a lot of people 'still' regard women flashing their boobs in a public setting as controversial. I know! People think it's not totally cool and groovy for adults to flash their erogenous zones! Crazy, right?

You can chunter on all you like about sex-positivity and snort at the prudes, but until you put your money where your mouth is and start attending client meetings in the nud, pipe down. 

Anonymous 21 April 23 12:43

Total hypocrisy and double standards.

Whip your boob out in a crowded public place for the purposes of feeding a baby. Totally fine.

Whip your boob out in the privacy of a photo booth for the purposes of titillating a balding chap in a waistcoat who you then go on to maul the face of as if you've only eaten yoghurt for a month. Everyone loses their minds about it.

And don't even think about whipping your todger out for a bit of a waggle on your morning run as you head past the local Catholic Primary Sch...  actually, hang on a second, that one isn't remotely ok.

Anonymous 21 April 23 13:48

"Catastrophic" is an appropriate term for Irwin Mitchell and Slaters, but I'm impressed that you had the gumption to use it!

Anonymous 21 April 23 14:44

This reminds me of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the superbowl.  On the phone-in shows the following day some radio stations were bleeping the word 'nipple'.

I know exposing your boobs is still borderline taboo in parts of UK society but it wasn't that long ago you could see naked breasts in the newspaper.  Anyone clutching their pearls over this should probably shut their curtains and never leave the house again.

Double Standards 22 April 23 08:16

It's been great reading all the sanctimonious comments on the Oliver Bretherton article. Meanwhile, flashing your tits at a work event is fine but if it was a man with his cock out there would be outrage.


upsidedown lawyer 24 April 23 01:58

Forgive me, but I'm more interested in who that fine chap with the shiny pate is and how he feels about it all..?

The Shoe Lane Shits 26 April 23 16:04

And we all know what Irwin Mitchell lawyers do when faced with a screen with nudity on it...

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