A partner at Willkie Farr & Gallagher has allegedly been caught by several colleagues pleasuring an associate.

The male partner, whom RollOnFriday is not naming because who hasn't, was attending a cocktail party held at the US firm's London office in November to celebrate the grand opening of its new common area, known as "the hub". During the festivities, an insider claims he took a junior lawyer to another partner's office where he performed oral sex.

According to the source, the pair were caught in the act at approximately 11pm by not one, not two, but six other lawyers walking past. Four were from the finance team and two from corporate, which is a decent proportion of the rest of the Willkie Farr London office.

    "Is that-"
"Is he-"
"Get the others." 

An offended insider said that the partner's "disgusting behaviour" has "been the main subject of gossip amongst numerous US law firms across London". A spokeswoman for the firm told RollOnFriday, "the relevant parties have been made aware, but that is all I can tell you". It is not known whether the partner whose desk was used for the romantic interlude has also been made aware.

In other badsexy law firm news, it is understood that a year-long affair between a 60-year-old married male partner and a 40-year-old married female associate at a large London firm has climaxed in a frantic paternity test after she became unexpectedly pregnant. RollOnFriday's source has not passed on the result.

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Anonymous 03 February 17 09:30

"Disgusting behaviour"

Heh! Someone clearly has a few cobwebs in and around their mantlepiece!

Anonymous 03 February 17 10:24

I work there - it's so obvious he's still obsessed with her and to make it worse [redacted by ROF to protect identities]

Anonymous 03 February 17 11:23

This is news? Consenting adults do things with each other. Forget the two involved in the sex act, how about naming and shaming the six peeping-toms?

Anonymous 03 February 17 13:32

Does the management have the balls to fire them or do they only get their balls out at the office party

Anonymous 03 February 17 15:08

Hello you weasley little runt
Hiring you was a helluva punt
Your work quality makes me sick
Please oh please put away your ****
I guess at the end of it you are just a total ****

Anonymous 13 February 17 10:12

I think the WF website gives clear gudance here. The Attorney Events page says “Beyond working together, we make it a point to get to know one another on a personal level.”

Anonymous 15 February 17 15:01

Funny that the blinds are on the outside of the office rather than the inside. Is that some curious American practice- a bit like driving on the wrong side of the road?

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