A partner from the London office of Weil cavorted nude with bikini-clad trainees and associates after losing a drinking game on a firm skiing trip.

The high-powered London lawyer, whom RollOnFriday is not naming to save his blushes and marriage, travelled with other staff from the US firm's City office for their annual team skiing holiday. After one too many hot toddies, said a source, Eddie the Seagull began "frolicking" with some of his female trainees and associates. Together they played 'truth or dare' until his juniors were in bikinis and he was "naked...carrying a trainee on his back".


"How much are you paid?"

Weil declined to comment, but the firm is in good company when it comes to partners enjoying themselves after some fresh powder. Last year a male Kirkland & Ellis partner groped a female partner's breasts at a debauched party in Switzerland as staff sprayed vintage champagne around the bar.

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Anonymous 12 May 17 17:04

They had to break down the toilet door at their summer party a few years to extract a male associate and female trainee that were bonding.

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