Jones Day's 2015 qualifiers nearly found themselves on the street after the Solicitors Regulation Authority bungled their registration.

An insider at the firm says that the trainees weren't registered with the SRA when they started in 2013, and only "discovered a few months before qualification that the SRA didn't know that they existed“. A Jones Day spokesman denied that this had anything to do with the firm, saying that the applications were “made in good time and certainly not forgotten”. So RoF contacted the SRA, which admitted its mistake but had, of course, remembered to cash the firm's cheque.

  The SRA doing its bit for the profession yesterday

Last September RoF reported that Devonshires failed to register its entire Autumn 2013 trainee intake. The blame for that particular cock up was laid squarely at the door of the firm, and after a spot of grovelling the SRA allowed the trainees to be registered.

A spokesman for the SRA said, "on this occasion, unfortunately we didn’t process all of the paperwork when we should have. We found our mistake and corrected it in July last year. We are sorry about this administrative error and for any concern caused". The Jones Day trainees were allowed to qualify and can look forward to a glittering career of climbing the pole to partnership. Before being demoted.
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Anonymous 29 January 16 06:32

don't know if registering the trainees with the SRA will make any difference to the highly scientific Jones Day training contract and the product that comes out after 2 years of "training"