Slater and Gordon's Manchester office has taken an axe to the trainee cohort which joined Pannone two years ago.

Slater & Gordon bought Pannone last year for £33m. Shortly after the acquisition Pannone's trainees were told not to get their hopes up for qualification. And sure enough, only three of the ten legacy Pannone trainees who qualified last week have been retained.

  How it might have looked

However, it's not all doom and gloom as it seems that all of the leavers have secured gainful employment at other firms. More to the point, they are likely to earn more than if they'd been retained at S&G. An insider says that S&G's Manchester NQ salary is currently a pretty dismal £25,000 p.a. (although might be negotiated up if the relevant department has sufficient budget). It seems that lawyers at S&G are paid at different grades from the day they qualify.

A spokeswoman for the firm wouldn't comment.
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Anonymous 18 September 15 08:58

Why would anybody want to work for a firm whose management thought it was a good idea to buy Quindell? What will they buy next week, Cobbetts?

Roll On Friday 18 September 15 10:04

Hi Anonymous, it's called "oh, god, please, I have to have a job, please, please, anywhere will do". Also known as: The Real World Outside London.

Roll On Friday 18 September 15 10:04

I agree with you about the Quindell bit, mind. And LOLed at the Cobbetts bit.

Anonymous 18 September 15 22:48

Glad to hear the ex-SandG trainees have secured NQ roles at other firms . Wishing them every success in their future careers.

Anonymous 19 September 15 12:03

It could be a blessing in disguise for the leavers. S&G sound like shoddy ambulance-chasers.

Anonymous 24 September 15 21:32

It will be a blessing in disguise, I am absolutely sure of that. Poor things. Reputable firms is what they need for their first qualified role, anyway.