Slater and Gordon has made 30 staff redundant, and closed its Claims Direct brand. 

The PI giant is shuttering Overland Health, a sister company based in Malta that has formed part of the Slater and Gordon group for nearly six years. 

Staff were informed this week that the firm has decided to make them all redundant after finding a “more profitable arrangement with a different rehabilitation provider”, said a source. 

“To make matters worse, nobody from Group level even had the courage to face us and give us the news themselves”, said an employee. “We were told by our general manager, who himself is now out of employment, over a video conference call”. 

A source said it wasn't a huge surprise as the firm treated them as an afterthought “since pretty much day 1 due to being located in Malta”.  

“30+ loyal employees who have put up with Group's politics, neglect, and disrespect, some who have worked for Overland for over 10 years, will now find themselves unemployed in a world which is on the verge of a global recession. All because some fat cats at Group found a way to add a few extra £££s to their bank accounts”, they added. 


Slater and Gordon has also shut down its Claims Direct site and brand, but a spokesperson said the closure had not resulted in job losses. 

“Sometimes we have invested in the brand, sometimes we haven’t. At the moment the website just redirects to the main SG page but there is nothing to stop us reviving the brand at any point”, said the spokesperson. 

Hopefully it has nothing to do with RollOnFriday pointing out in October that Claims Direct’s site read like a weird guide book characterising UK cities as death traps.

Slater and Gordon has responded to the pandemic by pivoting towards permanent home working, and is expected to make a number of office closures intended to save it a fortune in rent.

The firm did not respond to a request for comment on the Maltese cuts, but insight and inspiration for those being terminated can be found here.

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Snitchell Gordon 17 July 20 08:55

Surely now is the time for the golden turd winners to bring it all together into one huge big steamer?

Rats 17 July 20 09:26

Having worked at S&G I’m not surprised by this move. One in 21 is the mantra ! One what Mr Whitmore? 

Injury lawyers 4u 17 July 20 09:37

If that daytime tv advert with the baby with the hideous moving adult mouth in the buggy is a firm connected to Slaters that shows how bad the budget is at this firm.

Dave 17 July 20 09:44

This firm does not seem to go more than a couple of months without redundancies being reported.


Anon 17 July 20 10:29

S&G have furloughed a number of staff. Are these the next to face redundancy? Experienced employees of S&G take what the management say with a very large pinch of salt. 

Ex S&G 17 July 20 10:35

They are getting ready to sell the firm to Irwin Mitchell or some other equally gullible firm.  It’s owned by a hedge fund looking for a quick profit, not a long term investment.  Office assistants nationwide will be the next to go. 

Lissie Ducks and Whacks Her Keyboard 17 July 20 10:45

Sad Lost And Tired Employees Remain


Going On Redundancy Dawns Over November

#Nonein2021 = The S&G Way

Get out before it's too late...... 17 July 20 11:02

Just watch this. Do they really believe? One of them is just sickening in her vision and false hope. Ex SGS mafia which makes it all the harder to watch. Their hidden debts plus Grech and his cronies are the reason for the entire shambles.

Former S&G Prisoner 17 July 20 11:05

When this madness inevitably comes to a messy end you have to feel for the hundreds of staff who will be fighting over the few jobs that are out there. I imagine those that remain are already looking for a way out but job opportunities are hardly rife at the moment...

Shit and Glitter 17 July 20 11:42

Gutless senior management not fronting up! The same happened in Birmingham, Sheffield, Watford, Wrexham, Fareham, Chester, Leeds, etc, etc, etc.


Anonymous 17 July 20 14:37

They can do what they like with Claims Direct, but if they ever come for the Summer Love Boat Party... well... you've been warned, S&G management.

Love Shack Baby 17 July 20 15:30

@ 14.37 I hear the love boat speed dating party is now being jointly hosted by DWF and DAC, as two former employees have experience of the #SGway

Anonymous 20 July 20 09:29

Personal injury claims factories are on the way out. The claims are mostly processed by non-lawyers and pretty soon won't even be processed by human beings.

There are no human tragedies that they won't monetise in some way. Commercial Union used to say "we won't make a drama out of a crisis". PI firms say "we will make hyperbole and drama (and money) out of a tragedy."

I tried to develop a commercial real estate practice in one of them, but the claimant PI dark side is strong and kept pulling them back from the light.

Anonymous 21 July 20 17:24

How about a merger between golden turd champions: Irwin Mitchell, S&G, Shoosmiths, Trowers & Hamlins, Ince Gordon Dadds, Hill Dickinson, the ghost of King Wood Mallesons, Parabis and Womble Bond Dickinson.

Or we could have a hunger games fight-out between their managing partners with a winner-takes-all-the-golden-turds. I'm relaxed either way.

I'll get my popcorn...

Bobby Dazzler 22 July 20 12:53

Prince Andrew 18 July 20 08:53

@11.02 what is the SSG Mafia ?

Staff comments from the Golden Turd Awards winners

Some staff complained that the firm was still "run out of Liverpool by the Quindell mafia". 

"Is there a culture?" asked one lawyer. "In the same way that a North Korean gulag has a culture then, yes, we do have a culture. A culture born out of trauma bonding". 

Quindell Mafia 22 July 20 18:26

SGS Mafia same sinister lot under a different name. These are not even the problem anymore. Poor sods in the same boat as everybody. Can crawl back to their call centres on the outskirts of Chelmsford and other dreary satellite towns.

Martin beardless Bowchamp. 23 July 20 21:20

I’ve secured a 30 second slot on the BBC, free advertising for us. How big is my bonus before the whole lot goes to shit?

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