"Safety first!"

RollOnFriday has in the past poked fun at Slater and Gordon, but this week it emerged that one of its leaders went above and beyond the call of duty.

This week two historic videos surfaced showing a senior officer at Slater and Gordon volunteering to subject himself to a cranial impact and a hazardous driving course.

'ATD', whom RollOnFriday is not naming in case he's shy about his starring roles, was a few years away from joining the personal injury specialist when he treated himself like a crash test dummy, but somehow he seems to have known that his future career would benefit from a deep knowledge of staged accidents.

In a video titled, 'The Rumble in the Garage', a pliant ATD pulls on a cycling helmet as he is encouraged by his friends to sit on a chair.

"If I sit down, you're going to kick me in the head", he protests.

Nerves are apparent.

"I'm not", promises a man the others call 'Jonesy'. 

"Head to head, nothing else", the unseen director tells Jonesy. 

"Oh yeah, head to his, er, head", agrees Jonesy. 

"I'm saying now, if you kick me in the head, I'm going to get up and beat the shit out of you", ATD warns.

"And if he does, I'm gonna join in with ya", slurs the director. 

There are indications that alcohol may have been consumed prior to the experiment, but it nonetheless remains a valid analysis of the damage which a bare head can inflict on a helmet-clad head.

"I swear to God you will be fucking-" begins ATD before he is interrupted by Jonesy telling him to lean forward so the top of his head is in a rammable position.

Everyone to their stations.

"When we start, your head is into his head", the director reminds Jonesy, again.

"Yeah, definitely", promises Jonesy.

On the count of three, Jonesy charges headfirst into the Slaters man, knocking him backwards off the chair, which does not survive the impact. 

Valuable data: collected.

"Rock n Roll!" cheers the director, before they start to worry what his wife will say about the broken chair.

Having experimented with brain damage, ATD moved on to another key sector for the personal injury market: automobile accidents.

In his video titled, 'A lovely little motor', ATD is filmed piloting a friend's car through high speed skidding manoeuvres in a wet car park, eliciting howls of joy from the cameraman as he risks all, apparently without a seatbelt, in the name of research.

Jackass>Dirty Sanchez>This.

"Oh my Lord, [ATD], do not break this car, please", begs the director, as the inttepid racer tears across the tarmac before delivering a photogenic skid.


"Points?" asks ATD with a grin as he ends the circuit. "Three points" replies the director.

The videos are conducted with good cheer and highly entertaining, so it's a mystery why they were deleted after RollOnFriday got in touch, and not repackaged into viral TikToks advertising the firm.

Slater and Gordon declined to comment.

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Does he still work there? 21 December 21 20:53

Then we can take bets. Its not big P Mc G who has since set up his own firm and surely poached/rescued some old faces from this s%#tshow, […]. Fun flashy guys who could have made a funny video a few years back?? 

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