A divorce lawyer has set up a company which allows solicitors to get an entire year's worth of CPD points by going away on a skiing weekend.

CPD Adventures, the brainchild of Mark Betteridge, is seeking ten "fun loving solicitors" to go on a three night skiing trip on 26th March. £1,800 gets four star accommodation, breakfast, dinner, ski hire and passes, and "a specialist speaker who will talk about motivation and personal development".

Apparently the guests will apply what they're told to their skiing and see if it helps to achieve their goals. Made it down a black run? That's great! You've harnessed your self-belief in a really productive way! Chickened out at the top of the chairlift? Don't worry! Part of personal development is realising that sometimes you'll fail!

A spokesman for the company claimed that this was every bit as valuable as learning about developments in the law, and said that it had been approved by the SRA.

    CPD Adventures yesterday 

A spokesman for the SRA explained that this "meets the current approval criteria" but added that "the SRA is planning in the quite near future to review CPD, and this shows exactly why".

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