A digital marketing executive at RPC has broken a world powerlifting record.

Moya Williams, who works in RPC's London office, was competing in the under 57kg category at the All England Powerlifting Championship at the end of May. At the event she broke the deadlift world record for her weight category by lifting 203.5kg. Almost four times her bodyweight. Or the weight or an Irrawaddy dolphin, or 80,540 used tea bags. The previous record was 203kg, so Williams nicked it by 0.5kg.

For the uninitiated, a deadlift requires a competitor to lift a loaded barbell off the ground and hold it stationary in an upright standing position. As almost demonstrated here:


Williams also got gold overall for the three-discipline event of the deadlift, bench press and squat lifts where she lifted a total of 401kg - the weight of a hooded seal. 

Being able to lift a blubbery mammal if called upon is particularly impressive as Williams only started powerlifting a couple of years ago. Her recent success builds on recognition she achieved last year when she finished third in the English National Championships and she also won Best Female Lifter across all weight categories at the Home Nations competition in Edinburgh. 

"I was nervous going into the event as I knew I had prepared well but wanted to make sure I performed on the day," Williams told RollOnFriday.  She said that her training "is pretty brutal" as it involves "two and a half hours after work every day and three hours on a Saturday, with a strict diet, too".  She added "I'm really pleased it paid off when it really mattered."

Moya Williams

World record breaker, Moya Williams

RPC Managing Partner James Miller told RollOnFriday that he was "blown away" when he heard the news that Williams had broken the record. Miller said "we've stayed close to her progress over the last year or so, and seen the phenomenal commitment and application that she has put in – not least how she's balanced it with her day job – so I'm very happy for her that all that hard work has delivered."

Williams has now set her sights on making the England team for the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Canada this September.

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Anonymous 07 June 19 08:22

Great effort. The training and lifestyle involved to achieve that requires an impressive level of dedication. 

ShootyMcShootyface 07 June 19 08:58


Hope her back is OK.

Know this would slip my discs.

Which is why I don't do it.


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