Staff at Plexus have complained of a costly IT breakdown, a lack of choice in trainee seats and having to pay for their Christmas party.

Sources in the firm's Manchester office claim that Plexus lost a week of work in October due to IT systems "failing constantly". Management told frustrated staff that the fault lay with either HP or Microsoft. But, said an insider, because management refused to alter time targets to account for the downtime, it is "bye bye bonus".

But with luck, staff may still be able to afford to attend their own Christmas party. For the second year running Plexus is, according to a source, charging employees to attend the bash "despite promising staff last year that they would only being doing it the one time". It shouldn't be too extortionate since the venue is the firm's own boardroom.

    Sux. 'Elp. 

Meanwhile, a new trainee has apparently quit the firm to take a position at a rival. As a paralegal. "They know they're unlikely to ever get a TC there", said a source. "But they've had enough and need to get out".

Her itchy feet may be due to the firm's insistence on granting all of its training contracts bar one to the motor insurance fraud team in Leeds. "A couple of years ago NQ roles were advertised and not one single trainee applied for a role in motor", said an insider. "Given the potential small claims changes who could blame them?". So the firm changed the NQ procedure, giving "no choice in what job they're offered. They just go for an interview and they're told after what they'll get on the basis of the magical 'business need'".

Plexus, whose London office is available for rent, did not respond to requests for comment.
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Anonymous 10 November 17 09:28

Perhaps there could be, as part of the 3 month "firm of the year info dribble", a section on "worst stories of 2017 v Partner profits"?

Anonymous 10 November 17 10:49

They still use a pen and quill in the Evesham office so it will have had no effect there.

Anonymous 11 November 17 08:47

Plexus is what happens at the end of the race to the bottom. The firm is in terminal decline.

Anonymous 11 November 17 14:38

I love the comments from the Haters. We feed off of it. Bring it on. Bring it on. Terminal decline. Ha ha. The firm has money in the bank. No debt. I tell you who can’t say that: Keoghs. Hill Dicks. DWF. DAC. Did I also mention that we just nicked Ocado from under the nose of Keoghs. Have you actually read the list of blue chip clients that Plexus has? Of course you haven’t ‘cos you’re a hater! As I said, bring it on - we don’t care a jot. We just circle our wagons and get on with serving our clients. Yes a few Partners have gone recently. Good. They needed to go! No one misses them a Cobb. Bye bye. Good luck elsewhere, we don’t give a DaMn. They’ll all Meltz away like ice in the sun and we will then get on with life without them. Just keep hating please, we are genuinely flattered. It’s like football you see. Being hated can be good for internal morale. It is at Plexus I can assure you. Just a shame a few more jealous people don’t hate us more. Ha ha. Yes Microsoft and HP let us down, but the world didn’t stop turning. Maybe a trainee left. Bye bye. We only want people at Plexus who want to be here. Luckily for us, about a thousand people do. A thousand great people serving our great clients. Right, I’ve had my rant. Now I’m off to have a latte and a hair wash. Now don’t forget to keep hating. Please. Lots of love. Xxx

Anonymous 11 November 17 22:25

Hello RSA bragger at 11/11/2017 14:38

Want to explain what happened with the RSA contract recently taken away from Plexus and given to DWF and Clyde & Co?

Or the Aviva contract taken away from Plexus after you bought Greenwoods because the main decision maker at Aviva hated Plexus?

As for the partners leaving Plexus, they appear to have gone for better money at Keoghs.

I could go on. Am sure others could too.

Anonymous 12 November 17 15:45

Love it. So easy to reel in the haters. Keep up the good work. (Ps-RSA was ages ago. Name a major client lost since. Please. Oh, and Greenwoods! Greenwoods !! - bloody hell, that was long long ago in a galaxy far far away...Please try harder. By the way, yes Whittle has his cheque book out. Bet the current Keoghs Partners are loving all the Plexus arrivals on double their salary, or more. We all know it would cost about £450k a year to buy a “House to Go” and live in. Buying very, very expensive corn on the Cobb doesn’t mean you have the makings of a decent salad or that it won’t rapidly go off. Doh!). It’s business and Plexus is now healthily profitable. The haters hate that of course. But our wagons are circled and we ain’t moving. Lots of love. Xxx

Anonymous 12 November 17 21:45

Anonymous 13 November 17 12:35

Haters going to hate?! Most of those who hate it are the ones who suffered whilst working there over the last 3-years watching colleagues being made redundant and staff morale hit rock bottom.

Anonymous 13 November 17 17:43

To anon at 12.35 on 13/11/17. My point exactly. If people don’t like it at Plexus go elsewhere with our best wishes. Please. And Good Luck, honestly. Just don’t stick around dragging everyone else down with your negativity and hatred. Leave the firm for those who want to stay and make it what it can be. Whatever that is. The majority are not the haters. It is just that the haters have shouted loudest, made the most noise and have frankly pee’d everyone off. Go away. Leave. Please. You know who you are. Lots of love. Xxx

Anonymous 14 November 17 09:55

"They still use a pen and quill in the Evesham office so it will have had no effect there."

Sometimes, we use ink as well.

To my anonymous co-worker: Loving your rabid enthusiasm.

Anonymous 14 November 17 09:57

Wow. Guessing you were never up for redundancy and didn't have to watch colleagues who had been loyal to the firm unceremoniously dumped. The London office has been decimated.

Anonymous 14 November 17 20:13

Cash in the bank! And no debt! Is that supposed to make us feel good about dealing with Plexus Law?

1. The first Plexus Law (Parabis Law LLP) went into administration. According to the latest administrator’s report almost £60m of unsecured creditors can look forward to getting less than 1 penny in the pound back. The firm traded for around 8 years and never made profits (after partner remuneration) in its entire trading history of £60m. I think a firm which collapses owing more than the sum total of its entire trading history of profits can be seen as a totally failed enterprise. Meanwhile the key partners (who are now partners in the new Plexus Law) have tens of millions in their pockets. Perhaps decency will see them dig deep into their personal fortunes to pay the clients and suppliers who were shafted badly by the first collapse.

2. On to the new firm, Plexus Law Ltd, which has risen from the ashes of the first collapse. The stooges who caused the first collapse bought it all back for around £6m having sold out to private equity a few years earlier for hundreds of millions. Will it be any different from the utter failure of the first time round? Cash in the bank is what a couple of million at best?, just before a big salary and bonus bill and the total liabilities are more like £25m. Are there not loans of around £5m? On what planet is that ‘debt free’? Worse, the firm is in the red in just its first year despite the administration of the first firm having wiped the slate clean. I doubt the firm could pay its liabilities including staff if it was wound up today? Should it even be continuing to trade? Have the lessons of the first collapse been learned? The limited company has not filed accounts showing its first year. Almost certainly a bad first year.

3. An LLP has now been set up. Clients and suppliers brace yourself for the Ltd co to go down and the Phoenix to rise from the ashes yet again.

Anonymous 14 November 17 21:18

Absolutely. £60m of unsecured debts that will never be paid. Which is more than plexus ever made in profits in its history. One big Ponzi scheme to make the few owners super rich and f*** everyone else over big time. They should be jailed. They would be in Dubai

Anonymous 14 November 17 21:19

The IT outages, some lasting hours and some lasting days, are continuing, months after starting...

Anonymous 14 November 17 21:30

To 09.57 on 14.11. Precisely. Decimated from within. Let’s note that the Plexus Leeds office (for example) has a very strong group of dedicated Partners. They aren’t off for Keoghs riches, blaming everyone but themselves as they melt away. They are staying, leading, fighting. No bitching up there. Just a growing, stable office from the what I can see. They lead. Are some of the London Partners not embarassed that one of the Firm’s most senior Partners has come down from Leeds by train to teach us basics like time recording? Why don’t the London Partners do that? Some London Partners need to realise that they are harming their staff. The Firm is not harming the staff. The Partner are (or should be) the soul of the Firm. If they are not, they are harming the firm and it’s staff. London has been its own worst enemy. Too many with a sense of entitlement. I know ‘cos I have heard it. “I’m a City Lawyer!” My arse. You’re a litigator like the rest of us. You’re doing Profin or med-mal, not M&A at Linklaters!!!! So, in summary, can everyone who is going to go now just go. Get on with it. Leave the rest behind to re-group, fight and lead. We know that a group of you want to do that and you have our support. Just finish the clear out and rid us of the haters. And to 09.55 on 14/11, yes I am very enthusiastic. Very. Lots of us are. We just need to find a voice down here and remember that our firm overall is great. We are just being let down by some London Partners who can’t make up their minds about whether to stay or go, and are prepared to never look in the mirror when it comes to the blame game. Oh, and to the people willing to constantly spread gossip and rumour: do one. You can go too. If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem. Lots of love. Xxx

Anonymous 14 November 17 21:37

Anon at 21.19 is clearly a hater because that is a gross exaggeration. It isn’t perfect, but to suggest IT outages lasting days are ongoing is nonsense. Total BS. All staff know that.

Anonymous 14 November 17 23:51

This Plexus cheerleader may be one of the greatest trolls in history.

Against all financial data and past performance they still love the firm that is destroying their career.

Kind of like an abused child believing their parents hit them because they love them.

Anonymous 15 November 17 12:49

So reading this as a new starter at Plexus who isn’t in a motor team. Is there really any point in me sticking around?

Anonymous 16 November 17 09:15

Someone from the firms PR department I guess. Though it is so OTT and lacking in credibility because of that it is pretty counterproductive stuff. Quite amusing though.

In fairness to firms like Plexus Law given the changes to the small claims limit, Jackson, but especially fixed costs, it must be very difficult indeed to make money doing that sort of volume litigation work and I doubt many of us would want to work in what because of that is likely to be a very high pressure defensive environment.

Anonymous 16 November 17 13:25

Money in the bank but staff have to pay for their Christmas party - all you need to know about Plexus. Owners first, everyone else distant last.

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