There was much pimp-rolling and sipping of Courvoisier at RoF Towers this week following receipt of an exceptional covering letter written in the rap form.

It's a tough time to be hunting for a training contract, so anything which makes you stand out from the crowd has got to help, right? Well, perhaps not. RollOnFriday's source would only say that the "applicant was not considered for interview". Read on.

A superb effort. Someone give this rapper a job.

Thanks to the Roffer who sent it in. If you've spotted something similarly excellent, bonkers or terrible, please send it in - anonymously - to the usual place.

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Anonymous 14 September 12 05:39

To be fair to the applicant, the firm in question (whose identity isn't hard to work out from the lyrics - it rhymes with "great" and "late" and has several syllables) has a department head who is known for representing rappers.

I doubt that means he writes all his emails in doo doo rhymes though. Sucka.

Anonymous 14 September 12 11:18

This is fantastic. Surely deserving of at least an interview? - it would definitely have caught my eye. Not too hard to find the firm using the clues in the covering letter/rap and your favourite search engine. I don't think this reflects all that well on their grad recruitment team.

Anonymous 14 September 12 15:20

Spending the make it rhyme...surely that's deserving....of a better serving....than a waste paper bin*

*© Old Lukey Boy 2012

Anonymous 20 September 12 13:09

Grad recruitment are so dim, they would never appreciate lateral thinking or an innovative approach - however blindingly obvious it was - ironic as they are the ones who market their respective firms to students: which sort of begs the question why these people are also allowed to interfere with the development of trainees.