A lawyer from O'Melveny & Myers proposed to an Ashurst associate through an oxygen mask as their plane plunged 24,000 feet and they thought they were going to die.

Chris Jeanes, an associate in the London office of US firm O'Melveny & Myers, planned to propose to Casey Kinchella when they arrived in Bali on Monday. But 25 minutes into their flight from Perth, the Air Asia plane lost cabin pressure and plunged from 34,000 feet to 10,000 feet in nine minutes. Contacted by RollOnFriday in Bali, Jeanes said in an email, "the crew suddenly started running down the aisle screaming "EMERGENCY, BRACE, CRASH POSITIONS", the alarms in the plane started and the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling". Some oxygen masks failed to deploy, said Jeanes, "creating even more panic when some passengers had to run to find spare seats. We had no idea what was going to happen, and were told nothing by the crew". 
  The best man earns double points if he runs down the aisle shouting, "emergency brace, crash positions".

Another passenger told reporters, "there was lots of crying, lots of pulling out the life jackets. Pretty much preparing. We thought there was a good chance we were going to go down". As their fellow travellers held each other and texted goodbye messages, Jeanes asked Kinchella to marry him. "I wanted to propose and wasn’t sure I was going to get a chance to do it", he said. "Sadly the brace position did not allow me to get on one knee, but luckily she said yes anyway".

The British couple, who met three years ago when they were both on secondment, gave each other a chance to back out when the plane didn't crash. But, said Jeanes,"we both reconfirmed with each other when we were on the ground".

  When contextual advertising goes wrong. 

Last year an Air Asia pilot encouraged passengers to pray during an in-flight emergency. This time the budget airline said there had been a “technical issue". Despite the terror of imminent death, in the end, the DLA Piper lawyer whose friends begged passengers to date her over the plane's PA system probably had a worse time.
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Anonymous 20 October 17 09:09

Wow. Good on them. I’d have been shrieking and trying to use my girlfriend as a parachute. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend.

Anonymous 20 October 17 09:44

To the chap with the potential parachute girlfriend, do you think she'd offer much resistance?

Anonymous 20 October 17 10:56

Their engagement seems to be modeled on an episode of Father Ted


Good luck.

Anonymous 20 October 17 11:53

so, they made it to bali alive and reconfirmed their engagement. then they thought...we better tell Roll on Friday.....?!!!!

Jamie Hamilton 20 October 17 12:00

No, anon 10:53. Someone tipped us off and we got in touch with them. Chris kindly agreed to share their incredible story.

Anonymous 20 October 17 12:02

I thought I had sweaty palms when I proposed, but that's nothing compared to this guy. Good on him - a story for the grand kids!!

Anonymous 20 October 17 12:19

This is unfair. I've spent ages trying to plan my proposal, but this Chris chap plans his in one minute and instantly wins best engagement story.

Roll On Friday 20 October 17 12:20

I like that when the plane landed he blatantly said: "soooo, that whole proposal thing... we didn't actually mean it did we?", she was all like "errr, yeah, of course", and he was all "yeh, yeh, great, me too defo", as he wiped the sad tears from his eyes and waved goodbye to happiness.

Congrats though, natch.

Anonymous 24 October 17 04:42

In case of interest, a 2,600 fpm decent rate is not really "plunging"; that's actually a pretty normal decent rate for an A320. But great story; should give the best man some good material for the speeches...