BPP has implicitly acknowledged that there are far too many law grads by sending students details of a junior management job vacancy at KFC.

The advert for the assistant restaurant manager position, which asks candidates, "So how KFC are you?" appeared on BPP's job board last Friday. According to BPP's website, its Careers Service team posts a weekly bulletin advertising "paid roles to internships, in different sectors, such as the legal and financial industries".

    "I love working at RPC. More chicken than I expected."

Aside from the pay, KFC's requirements are indistinguishable from a top law firm's. "Do you have a strong instinct for all things commercial?", asks the advert. "Do you like to smile and have fun together, even when things get tough?"  The only difference is that KFC staff get to work in the "most popular chicken restaurant in Britain". Linklaters: 0 The Colonel: 1.

One student who was not amused by the advert, which is automatically emailed to students who fail their real estate module, told RollOnFriday, "That's what my £18k BPTC fees get me! BPP fail".

Peter Crisp, Dean of BPP Law School said, "KFC is a massive global company with a fantastic business model - not a bad first job for an ambitious business school graduate. And law graduates could do worse than a job with KFC's great in-house legal team". Or, erm, assembling Zinger burgers if they take the job that BPP is promoting.
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Anonymous 12 February 16 19:01

I'd had fourteen different jobs before becoming a lawyer, starting with babysitting and shovelling poo in a stables at 11, and progressing through being a fish stacker, tennis coach, golf club kitchen assistant, supermarket checkout girl, cinema usher, holiday rep, English teacher, and several others in between. Without a doubt, I learned something useful from each (e.g. shovelling Shetland pony poo with a wide pronged fork is a fast track to madness). And without a doubt, working for KFC knocks the spots off every job and every company I've experienced before. Sarah Nelson Smith (KFC European Legal Director)