Reynolds Porter Chamberlain has announced that it is making up three partners including one woman and one Kendo warrior.

Head of RPC's Japan desk Nigel Collins advises on cross border acquisitions and disposals. However the fluent Japanese-speaker is also the Manager of the Great Britain Kendo team. Here he is in a suit:


And here he is negotiating:


Following the promotion, Collins becomes possibly the only law firm partner capable of calling upon an elite squad of warriors trained in the way of the sword. But RPC managing partner Jonathan Watmough chose not to dwell on that, highlighting instead the "enthusiasm and commitment" the new trio brings to RPC.

Collins took on the role of GB Kendo manager in July last year, and has just returned from taking the team to Macedonia for the European Championships. He still competes and runs his own kendo club.

In promoting one woman, RPC has also outshone Macfarlanes, which failed to promote any women or Kendo masters this round. Readers are cordially invited to speculate who would triumph in a Weinberg-Collins square-off.
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Anonymous 04 May 16 14:20

I knew Nigel from his/my previous firm - as well as being triple-hard he's a genuinely nice bloke, well done Nige!