This week's bonkers law firm website features lawyers with no features.

Bhogal Partners' website boasts, "Our lawyers do not need the conventional long winded descriptions of their background [because] they are all qualified lawyers with considerable experience and expertise". However that seems debatable, given that (a) the website features some epic descriptions of their experience and (b) one of its partners has only 2 years' post qualification experience.

But there is something else the firm thinks its lawyers do not need, and that is their faces.

     "Hello. When you die there is nothing."

Bhogal Partners is "proud to state that our results speak for themselves", which is lucky because all its lawyers' mouths have been removed, along with their noses, eyes and fleshtones. The whitewashed profiles make the Managing Partner's promise even more sinister:


Roll your mouse over the terrifying blankness to view the original, untouched photographs, which may explain why they were replaced.


Bhogal Partners did not respond to requests for comment on why its staff were voids, but if you've seen a bonkers firm, write in.
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Anonymous 14 August 15 11:46

I'm dealing with these jokers now, and massively appreciate this. As will my client when I forward this link.....

Anonymous 14 August 15 13:12

You should expect to receive a cease and desist letter from Gene Simmons of Kiss in relation to your use of Ace Frehley's make-up design. Just sayin'.

Anonymous 05 November 15 17:49

This is from the law firm.

We reserve the right to sue you for breach of copyright.

It would have been beneficial if you would have included all members of staff! Some staff members are feeling exceptionally left out!