15 August 2018

This week's Bonkers firm website comes courtesy of Sonn & Partner, a Vienna firm specialising in IP.

Founded in 1851, the firm has proper patent bona fides: it represented Thomas Edison. Its specialism also means that this isn't your standard lawyers-with-props carcrash. Instead, the attorneys can be found getting to grips with their client's inventions, not just detritus from their attic. But there's madness to their method, because lawyers can't pose with props without looking ridiculous. That's the first law of Bonkers Law Firm Websites,
Sonn & Partner proves the rule in a series of profiles which depict its lawyers hosting a meeting. 


    Peter Pawloy, expert lawyer. 



     Adept draftsman.



  Oh. Oh, Pete, you've broken it.


    Georg has got the urge again.


    Today he's picked his blowtorch. 



  That's better. Their screams drown out the voices, for a while.





    Johannes Strobl has a problem 


    But he can solve it.


    Give him a minute. 
    Fabian Stanke, ladies and gentlemen.




    Matthias folds his arms hard.


    Sometimes he folds them too hard. 



     But clients love his mummy routine.


    Hello Helmut.


    Yes, you do have a lot of pipes. 



     Goodbye Helmut.


  Rainer looks like pure danger right off the bat. 


    He's just pretending to listen, isn't he.




Here's to the next 170 years of Sonn & Partner. If you've seen someone attempting to patent weirdness, let ROF know.


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Anonymous 03 Sep 18

thanks for the sonn-shine :D

since 2006 we have "different" pictures in our profiles and our homepage, the pictures proposed and taken by our favorit photographer valerie rosenburg. we liked the idea and carried on, now for more than 12 years and in third edition. never had any negative comments about the pics, each of which has a special story.

peter, the "expert lawyer" :)

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