A scam artist emailed RollOnFriday to inform us that we'd won a BMW. After celebrating with wine and biscuits, I forwarded the email to an account belonging to a fictitious character I'd created with no forethought called 'Uncle Badtouch'. I know, but I did say no forethought.

Here's what happened next, and if you like it remember to check out the insane correspondence with Sadiq Ahmed, the ballad of Gordon Fathands and the stab-proof vest debacle.

Advance clown warning: don't worry, on a scale of scary clowns it comes very low, somewhere between Krusty and Ronald.









Anonymous 05 May 16 11:05

Is this what RoF Towers pays you to do Jamie? Play with the minds of poor scammers trying to make a buck and feed their children?

Excellent! Keep it up!

Anonymous 13 May 16 14:49

I see this one was going as far back as 2007; it was better then as the cash award with the car was a million "Great British pounds". Plenty of bogus winning certificates on this site: http://419.bittenus.com/winnings/bmw.htm which can also act as a check for fake i/ds etc. Oh, great fun scambaiting

Anonymous 14 May 16 17:32

I've just had a second email, so will ask for a certificate to show my winnings. I've just changed my car, and the garage wasn't prepared to match the Beamer offer. That's VW for you!