Following the success of the President Erdogan Offensive Poetry competition I'd like to invite readers to come up with their best piece of doggerel about Nigel Farage.

No doubt some Roffers will complain that this is too political (it is), that I'm in favour of Remain (I am) and that I should let them have a crack at Cameron et al too (I probably should). But he is just so spectaculaly repulsive. His scare mongering and pandering to racism, his absurd pretence at being at one with the common man with his stupid cigarette and pint, his National Front colleagues, his disdain for women in general and breastfeeding mothers in particular, his warnings about all of us being gang raped by migrants if we don't stick two fingers up to Europe etc. etc. etc.. I find it unbelievable that someone like this can rise to any sort of prominence in a civilised country in 2016.


Entries to the usual address. The winner gets a RoF T shirt.

To kick things off my offering is:

A swivel-eyed loon name of Farage
Caught his cock in the door of his garage.
He sniffed "since I can't flex it
I'll push for a Brexit
to distract from my loss of danglage."