RoFMatthew was listed as one of London's most influential people this year by the Evening Standard. Nobody in the office is quite sure why. For some inexplicable reason he made it into a list of the top 21 people in law which included Lord Sumption, Lord Dyson and, of course, Amal Clooney. Matthew really was the Emile Heskey of the group.

Those that made the cut were invited to attend a bash at Crossrail in Canary Wharf last night. Matthew has been left rather delicate today. I'll do my best to piece together the evening from the evidence I have (his iPhone):

7.12pm: Looking semi-respectable with Chris Saul of Slaughter and May.


11.09pm: Dishevelled and harrumphing in the shadows with BoJo.


11.30pm to 2am: Matthew takes lots of photos of the ceiling.


2.14am: He goes for a stroll.


3.47am: Somewhere on the outskirts of Canary Wharf.

4.22am: Still going strong.

6.05am: Survivor's photo.


Matthew says it was an absolutely stonking party. Guests had a tour of the Crossrail tunnel, which was Victorian in its scale. He remembers Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands stepping up to the podium to the sound of a full, live choir singing Zadok the Priest. She claimed this was to mark the "coronation" of Jeremy Corbyn. He also vaguely remembers commiserating with Nick Clegg as to his reaming in the last election and Boris making the obligatory hooker joke about the Rugby World Cup.


Anonymous 26 September 15 14:05

Great stuff Matthew. Been reading ROF for years and I'm pleased to see the deserved recognition. Good photos of the evening!!

Anonymous 18 September 15 19:32

Well done ROF on getting respectable. Looking through the list in the link, it's a shame Leveson managed to sneak in.

Anonymous 19 September 15 11:25

Congratulations Matthew, great to see your name there. Sounds like it was some party!!