RollOnFriday has been told that the Law Society is facing a judicial review.

On 9th October the Society announced that it was entering into a joint venture with training provider BARBRI to provide courses for the QLTS. In essence, BARBRI provides the courses, The Law Society lends its reputation and gets a cut of the fees.

The Law Society was highly excited about this. One imagines other course providers, notably BPP and The University of Law, rather less so. Given that the Law Society is meant to be the independent voice of the profession (and given that it ultimately pays for the SRA), the words "conflict", "inappropriate" and "anti-competitive" come to mind.

And now, apparently, "High Court". A source tells us that an (as yet unnamed) applicant filed a claim last week. It is seeking a judicial review of the arrangement between The Law Society and BARBRI on the basis of intervening in the regulatory powers of the SRA and of conducting an improper bid. Our source tells us that The Legal Services Board is also investigating the matter.

The Law Society said that it was currently unable to comment. We'll keep digging and come up with a more detailed update on Friday.


The Law Society has just (morning of the 31st) confirmed this to me. A spokesman said "we have received a pre-action protocol letter and we are currently considering its contents. We will not be commenting further at this time."

More to follow.