Baker McKenzie has instructed Simmons & Simmons to conduct an independent review into its handling of a sexual assault by a partner.

RollOnFriday broke the story a couple of weeks ago. The firm paid off a female associate after she had been assaulted by a partner and subsequently denied it. Once Bakers finally put its hands up it accepted that lessons needed to be learned and said that it would be commissioning an independent review. Simmons has just been instructed.

A spokesman for Bakers said "Baker McKenzie has appointed Simmons & Simmons to conduct an independent review of this incident and how it was subsequently handled. The review will also look at and review all our complaints policies and procedures to ensure our employees are protected and have a voice. We will follow the recommendations of the review and will take all appropriate action. As a Firm, our values of inclusion and diversity are extremely important to us and we are committed to ensuring the welfare of all employees."


Anonymous 23 February 18 13:36

Why ask another law firm to investigate? Why not ask Stonewall or ACAS, you know, some real experts on workplace behaviour?

Anonymous 23 February 18 13:45

Well it's not so much the Employment Team, what about the HR Team - isn't that what they are paid to do protect the interests of the business AND the staff

Anonymous 23 February 18 08:29

Baker McKenzie covered up a sexual assault, paid off the complainant, promoted the assaulter, lied to ROF when initially asked about it and when found out, only then dismissed the partner. Oh and they failed to report it to the SRA. Difficult to imagine how Simmons are going to come up with room for improvement.

Anonymous 22 February 18 02:56

Well, Baker McKenzie, had a highly rated employment department once; now they need to instruct another firm to tell them the obvious - they got it very wrong. Clients must have a high regard for Baker McKenzie's current employment team! How things have changed but there again they were Baker & McKenzie then! Dropping the "&" but adding the full-stop odd; how times have changed.