Hi there!

I am basically looking for a new abode either in the Notting Hill area which is really close to work or the leafy lovely suburbs of Richmond!

I have been living in the Fulham area for 6 years now and really just want a change of scenery and new dynamic to live with. I am a relaxed outgoing person and generally like to do a bit of everything. I am definitely partial to a glass or two of red wine but when that is over then cider is the way for me. I love comedy, going out to watch some, or watching on TV, I love the theatre, travelling, walks in the park, random games of tennis or badminton, but most of all love to just chill out either in the flat or with my mates, have a good giggle or put a film on. I just want an easy going life I suppose with a bit of spice injected every so often!

I am looking for a cosy flat in either area and would like like minded relaxed flatmates who can stand my rubbish banter throughtout the week or just as happy to go to the pub with me or leave me on my happy own to watch a movie, or watch with me. Just chilled outness really! I love having dinner parties but not all the time and love meeting new people and wonderful places.

If you think you have the room or are the people I would love to hear from you!