Clifford Chance has shown how far it will go to keep its lawyers happy after granting a departing associate's last wish.

The associate sent the following email to the firm's catering team:

From:Sausage-loving Lawyer at Clifford Chance
Sent: 27th April 2010
Subject: Battered sausage plea for Friday

Dear Lovely Food Services Director,

As the Food Services Director, I hope that you might be willing to grant me a small personal favour that would make an enormous difference to my week. I am, sadly, leaving the firm and this Friday will be my last day. It has been a stressful and uncertain time recently, as we can all appreciate, but I have always been able to count on a little joy when I eat my lunch in the cafeteria due to the excellent meals available, especially on Fridays. Unfortunately, my Friday lunches have been a little less exciting lately in the absence of the previously delightful battered sausage. If it would not cause you too much inconvenience, could you please bring back the battered sausage on Friday this week? If you could do that for me, it would let me look back on my time at CC with a smile.

Many thanks for all the great lunches!

Sausage-loving associate

And in a heart-warming turn, he received the following in reply:

From: Sausage-loving Lawyer at Clifford Chance
Sent: 27th April 2010
Subject: Battered sausage plea for Friday

Dear Sausage-loving Lawyer,
Thanks for contacting me and I am very sorry to hear you are leaving the firm. We hate to lose any of our customers, especially those who are as complimentary about our services. How could we possibly reject such an impassioned plea for the return of the battered sausage?
David, can you please make sure that the battered sausage appears on the menu this Friday ? Andrea, note the menu change
Hope you enjoy your lunch and good luck with your future endeavours.
Kind regards

Lovely Food Services Director

Meanwhile, an insider has written to RollOnFriday to complain about the baa-rmy behaviour of the Herbert Smith canteen. Somebody has clearly over-ordered on the lamb and for the past week the menu has contained: lamb curry, Morrocan lamb and apricot burger, roast lamb marinated in garlic and rosemary, yellow thai lamb curry and lamb curry. Again.

A sheepish spokesman for the firm said: "we concede it [lamb] may have been a little too regular a feature on the menu [but] there's nothing fishy going on and we are now looking to beef up the dining options available to staff". Looks like the gambol paid off.