As people across the UK were being informed of the possibility of isolation within their homes, massive financial uncertainty and the prospect of death by pandemic, at least one law firm did the responsible thing and focused on the question which really mattered: who will think of the executives?

Well done Ashurst for coughing this important briefing note onto its contacts:


Spare a moment for the real victims of COVID-19: the share plans and bonuses it wrecked along the way. 

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Anonymous 17 March 20 17:16

But actually they have it much worse than us, because I will only lose my rented flat - they might lose the full staff in their country retreat, their second pony and the ability to airbnb their yacht

Anonymous 18 March 20 11:21

No offence Rollonfriday, but as responsible press - why call out anyone at this time. It's unprecedented, no one knows what to do and those issues are significant issues for many major corporations and companies. I am absolutely certain (and no i do not work at Ashurst) that this is not the only advice going out there. In fact if you look on their LinkedIn there is a lot of incredibly useful advice and as a firm which has a very human element to its culture, gvien the really nice people I have met as peers who work there, they like many law firms will be navigating as best they can. The press have a moral and an economic responsibility here to not take something like that out of context of everything else that is happening to damage law firms. Very disappointing from you personally I think. And it's the entrepreneurial partners and major execs in corporations by the way (the ones with the executive remuneration requirements) who drive and facilitate employment of lawyers in law firms. 

Jamie Hamilton 18 March 20 11:47

I used to work at Ashurst. I love the people there. I reckon the firm can take a little light mockery when it sends emails worrying about the bonus concerns of the rich and insulated.

Anonymous 20 March 20 13:34

But they have a point. Wait until the end of the year, when your long expected and well deserved raise will be postponed once again.

Anon 01 March 21 14:32

The one thing that doesn't pass the pub test is that by asking staff to take a 20% cut they are asking the staff to share the risk of the business whilst not sharing the rewards of the business.  In good times, they don't hand out the rewards (meaningful rewards anyway) but yet when shit hits the fans they expect staff to cop it.  

I owned a business and if times were bad and not enough money to pay myself and my staff the staff got first dibs and I had to eat toast.