Withdrawal of authorisation to use Chunnel, Continent cut off


This is a Commission proposal this morning that in the event of a No Deal Brexit, UK trains continue to be deemed safe to use the Chunnel for three months from 29 March. 

Then what I wonder. 


I thought the Eurostar trains were French/Belgian owned anyway.

yet another thing that airhead grayling won't have thought of. 

Will they be able to run trains what with the hordes of refugees using the Tunnel to get to France?

In the event of no deal, brits working on the continental side are fucked. 


fucking lardidah khunts the current tories 

I shall be providing a clandestine ferry service from France if anyone requires transporting.

You'll make fuck all money going that way. Its the UK-France route you want.

Dunno, most would probably happily submit themselves to the bands of marauding cannibals if the alternative is ten hours in a boat with sailo 

Then what I wonder. 


Simples, we start to pump all our sewage, plastic and fat bergs down it until they pop up at the other end.