when someone mugs you off in a work email

do you reply all and give them what for or beatifically rise above it? or bide your time until they are least expecting it and strike?

Leave a small piece of frozen cod just behind the impossible to reach gap by their computer.  In days they will regret messing with you, mark my words.

I believe the traditional response is to say something along the lines of 'r u muggin me off in front of my pals?' before glassing them in the face.



Let’s steer away from suggesting glassing people, that never ends well for anyone.

Send them a calm email responding to there points correctly, without any edge

Inevitable if they're being a twat then you'll get a bit of free edge

Tempting as it is, you never look good rising to it. 

Tvvats like this never back up what they say in person, so if they are being arses you call them right back and when they don’t pick up reply all saying you’ve left a message and suggesting a call rather than email to sort it out. That way you actually do get to sort it out, and make it clear the other person is an arse, and appear to everyone else as a good egg. 

it depends on their involvement in your ability to make decisions and in how your value will be interpreted by those assessing your progression at your place of work.


If they are irrelevant I would ignore it

If they will have impact I would face it straight on and nip it in the bud

passive aggressive emails

are almost always fails

dont be such a queen

call and say what you mean

rather than just telling tales

I'd assume it was because they fancied me and they were trying it on.

would respond by sending a gif of me naked flossing.



basically someone tried to insinuate that I don't understand the difference between no deal and a withdrawal agreement, kimmy

not pleased

isn't yours?!?

but not everyone was on the email, it was just a group of people talking about VAT preparedness

(I am ashamed to say that I did not take the high road and am now demi-cringing)

Heh. You rise above it. And never actively strike.  Just place a small mark next to their name in your mental notebook not to piss on them the next time they are on fire.

Someone in my office showed me a picture of someone on a remain march holding up a placard saying "This is like that time Geri Halliwell overestimated her ability as a solo artist".

I felt sad for them that that's the best Brexit-related humour they've seen.

my BIL works in the area of VAT.  I am looking forward to catching up with him at xmas.  No doubt he will be raging.

one of my worst enemies works as a VAT director at an EY regional office

I hope it's not him

I would actually say he is my top worst enemy (the Linklaters guy was in IP so doesn't count)

Later that day Sun Zu said that the red fruit from the west gives you super-powers. People mulled over his remark for decades!

"If you wait by the river long enough, your enemy will have time to disappear into the jungle, sneak round the back and creep up on you, catch you nodding and push you off the cliff into the raging torrent and your anus will snag on upturned branch just to make the point".

Clergs I just realised your enemy may very well be one of my better friends...  would lol so much if twere to be the case. 

There's literally no way he would be friends with you 

Literally no way

I shall now be forced to make him my friend in some winning way simply to make you recant thy scorn woman!