TMPM on Andrew marr show - refuses to rule out another vote if she doesn’t get her deal through next week

FFS , any idea what happens next if she fails to get her vote through parliament. Leaks from Tory party HQ says she will keep putting the vote back until she does.

jesus , she should/ must now be sectioned .

tbf I would do the same, except that if they vote the deal down continuously,  would revoke art 50, in the last moment if need be. I would not want a no deal brexit on my watch

Don’t parliament have to vote to revoke Art 50 and if not , she would never be seen to do that , as it doesn’t deliver brexit , in fact quite the opposite?

She won’t revoke in a billion years. So if it’s voted down , there is only ONE option left right, and that is no deal , as there won’t be enough time for a people’s vote?

in that case they would probably start a procedure of exclusion as such limbo would not be acceptable for anyone

ebitda - no, she won't and yes, you're right

fucking ridiculous. maybe they (EU) come up with some wonder solution at v last minute to avoid all the no deal fall out?

The mad woman says “ I am continuing discussion and negotiations with EU members next week “

Marr replied “what for !” Classic

DD , EU have nothing more to give , they just want her to stop bothering them, they have had enough. She’s fucking mental 

As Bloop states everything she has done on Brexit has been:

Divisive, destructive, dishonest, stupid or a combination of all of them.

She is an absolute joke of a PM.  A total and utter incompetent.  


With every interview she just confirms her incompetence and bloodymindedness, Pray for Parliament to keep knocking her back again and again until #peoplesvote is called.

Yet they’ve revealed themselves to be entirely ordinary in their understanding of the EU.

She’s spouting now about the NHS and says she’s still “negotiating “ with the EU.

shes deranged. 

And she looks as if she’s about to melt down. Literally. 

that would be an understandable turn of events

and from the ashes rises.......






In the short term, Brexit is a disaster.  It has already caused a serious economic slowdown and diverted investment away from the UK and we haven't even left yet.  

In the long term, the lesson is that need much better MPs.  The current lot are just plain lazy, ignorant, thick, monoglot, inexperienced, untravelled and frankly an embarrassment.  Almost none of them would get a job in a real profession or as an executive in a real corporation.  

How do we go about ensuring we get much better MPs ?  

Actually, I'd say we need a better electorate.

We should teach civics in school properly.  The political system is fundamental to people's lives.

More civics and less RE would probably help a lot....

We need a government of national unity. From the centre. I’m sick of underqualified over ideologied Labour and Tories. Bring back competent politicians. 

RE would be fine if it was ethics not faith based. Linked to civics of course. 

Problem is that minorities are better motivated than the complacent CofE, and will speak up to push their agenda. 

Isabel Hardman pretty much nails why we have shit politicians in her most recent book.

Marr actually gave her a easy time I was so disappointed 

'Theresa May has said she is working on getting further assurances from the European Union so she can win the Commons vote on her Brexit deal.

The PM said that after delaying the vote last month, there was "some further movement from the EU" at December's European Council.

She said further measures would be set out ahead of the vote, now set for Tuesday, 15 January.

However, the EU Commission has said there will be no renegotiation.'


So she is lying?

ABS of course she is, and any such assurances she may get are worthless and don’t change the landscape at all

How has no one yet mentioned extension of A.50? Far more likely than revocation IMHO (although extension needs EU consent and revocation doesn't). 


I'm very wary of changing electoral systems and constitutional arrangements that have stood successfully for centuries. Our FPTP system (and other aspects) have their flaws, but all other systems have their flaws too - we'll just be exchanging one set of flaws for another. At least we know this system and its flaws. 


I'm with Doggers - I think we need a better electorate. Google the Abraham Lincoln-Douglas debates from the 1850s (when Lincoln stood for the Senate). Look at the quality of speech and depth of analysis and argument in the speeches, and keep in mind that the audience for these speeches was the average working man in rural Illinois (of course no votes for women back then). Think anyone would make speeches like that to the night shift crew from the Nissan plant in Sunderland?

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So you think a system where a party can get 12% or more of the national vote and no representation is a good system?


Yes, not perfect but good.

They may get 12% of the national vote but they aren't voted into the constituency.... and therefore those votes are lost.

As long as we have a constituency system that will occur, and I believe in that system more than the alternative.

I voted for my constituency MP notwithstanding I don't support his party.  In this case I think he is an honest and good constituency MP who benefits a poor area.  He has no scandal attached him and has devoted himself to politics since a teenager.


Elphi there is no appetite or the numbers to revoke Art 50 , some MPs would consider it political suicide. And don’t they need the consent of the EU anyway?

No consent needed to revoke. Only to extend. And if extended, then no consent needed to revoke in the extension period either. Last month's judgment set it out in detail

Stru ok understood, don’t parliament have to vote on either or can TMPM do it on her own volition ? She won’t revoke anyway , and extension of Art 50 is worst of all worlds .

its looking like no deal brexit more and more likely 

What Theresa May wants will increasingly become an irrelevance as time passes. 

If a no confidence vote is triggered, does it have to lead to a general election if the government loses. I assume the DUP could vote for one on the basis the Tories get a new leader who could in theory command a majority in Parliament.


Elphi there is no appetite or the numbers to revoke Art 50 , some MPs would consider it political suicide.

I think some MPs need to get their heads around the likely consequences of a no deal Brexit and consider whether revoking Article 50 or letting no deal happen would be more politically suicidal.

One major silver lining of Brexit is that a lot of very unpleasant and/or useless heads are going to roll.

The current government are going to go down in history for delivering something that everybody hates (even the ones who thought they wanted it).

Why would they not be punished at the ballot box?

Reality is that a clear majority now want to remain, it's just that the Leavers make a disproportionate amount of noise.

Heh. I remember this being the accepted liberal view in 2016, backed up by polling.

Amber according to numerous leaks in the paper and on TV this week no one wants the job and they want TMPM to carry on and sort the mess out for 2 years, I can see their rationale .

i think no deal is now a big favourite, the good thing about it , is it resigns the tories to 25 years of opposition. I don’t like labour,but they can do no worse , rest assured.

In a two horse race with May as to who would make the best Prime Minister, Corbyn is currently polling third.

That's because Corbyn's position is essentially indistinguishable from May's.

I believe all politicians, of all colours, who are seen to have caused or enabled this shit show, are going to be in serious trouble.

Sure, the system is designed to weather any storm, but if any political catastrophe was able to break it, this is it. Bring it on.

Thanks for mentioning Isabel Hardman's book Why We Get The Wrong Politicians. She looks like a really annoying person but the best journalists usually are.  

The book covers exactly what I have been worrying about.  I'll be interested in her views.  

Isabel Hardman for a while was very prominent on most politics programme, she seems to have been displaced by the other Isabel, Oakenshott, who is infinitely less impressive journalist, Oakenshott is a hack. A pity.