Tilly (Misty's daughter) is in season

... and I am going to breed her.

She misses her Mum and this is a way to get her the close connection she had.

Wish me luck... she should be ready to mate by the Weekend....

It’s a little early on the morning for this kind of thing, don’t you think...? 

She misses her mum so you're going to get her laid???

Also, what if she is not cool with that?

Have you picked a dog?


is that going to be difficult to find in time?

But we don't know do we? What if she was waiting for dog marriage?

I don't think dogs have a concept of monogamy within a committed relationship. Maybe some penguins do. I am not sure dogs are like penguins. Or lobsters or swans.

How do you know when a ladydog is in season?  Srsly?  

Bit of bleeding usually. Swelling. Errrm. Those are the signs I know. Otherwise I am not well versed.

Surely the bleeding happens at the end of being in season?

I thought it was at the beginning. I am sure Doggers will inform us.

They start behaving like they are on a night out at the Clapham Grand, Wang.

*imagines Tilly wearing far too much make up, clasping a bottle of Bacardi Breezer in her paws and slurring her woofs at any dog she sees*

Exactly. I have seen a bitch in heat humping another bitch to impress the dogs. It seemed to do the trick.

Haha at dusty.  So what you’re saying is most females in Newcastle are in season....?

beginning of season Wang.

She is out of Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook and I've picked a non related sire out of the same stud, Kiltonbeck Rupert of Breezybrook. 

She had her genetic testing finished a month ago so she's good to go.

Dusty, a mixed breed is unlikely to have been genetically tested for the same things.

She'll probably be ready Saturday and Sunday so she'll be taken up there a couple of days in a row.



You know I fully expect puppy photos once they are available....

Are you going to have to don a rubber glove DW, to get her lubed up and open?