Taking a pram on the tube at rush hour

Gave my wife a hand taking her and my daughter up to Euston to get a train this morning with a pushchair and a suitcase.

Hilarious to see all the twisty faced wankers moaning about someone having a pram on the tube as if they have some kind of divine right to be able to get on when there is no room.

Some woman was passively aggressively muttering about it behind my back. 

Needless to say i thought up a number of hilarious retorts which I didn't say to her. 

I hope you gave her the stink eye tho. And maybe a few pushes with the pram...

genuinely surprised nobody just put their suitcase in the pram

Hopefully it was a wheely suitcase too. 

yep, a massive one anarl.

I haven't got the victoria line in ages, forgot what total cunts use it.

"Some woman was passively aggressively muttering about it behind my back. "


Clergs is in London?

What sort of sociopath would take a perambulator on the Underground in rush hour??!

A sociopath who had to drop his wife / child off at Euston and get to work for a 9am call tbh

What a fvcking surprise  people who now have to use a pram complaining when people tut at them on the tube-  I bet you did the same when you were sprog free and they did this during rush hour

Abbs you’re missing the self entitlement point, don’t  be so reasonable

Would they tut at someone in a wheelchair (actually, they probably would, the cunts)

Wellers  could you not have got them an Uber ?

Traffic is a nightmare in the morning.

Wheelchair users may well have to commute. Babies don't.

If you have to get a specific train, you have to get a specific train.

Commuters have had the entire time since they got home to commute to work again. The idea that someone 'chooses to take a buggy on the tube during rush hour' is no more valid a point than anyone 'choosing' to take the tube during rush hour. Everyone has the same choices and commuters aren't in any way special. 

Didn't you just open the hood so everyone can see the cute baby? That's what I do with mine. Defuses any situation.

push chair rather than a pram

Tbh she looks like that one out of the goonies

Mine looks like the Viper after the Mountain had finished with him

Sympathies mixed here.  I would be unfailingly polite and helpful to anyone ACTUALLY on the Tube in a wheelchair or with a pram at any time, but I think it's a stupid thing to do and (given the cramped Victorian rat-runs that lead to the platforms) a fire risk.  

Best idea is to allow some extra time and take a cab to Euston with pram or wheelchair.  

And I am not joking about the fire risk.  These old tube stations have grandfather rights and you would NEVER be allowed to build something like them today.  

We're letting Dux's use of "perambulator" go then here are we?

mind you surprised he used 'wheelchair' rather than 'bath chair'

Who tf takes a pram on the tube at rush hour? Ffs wellers. Don’t be a tight arse and stump up for a cab. Or buy mrs wellers a sling.