Grace Kelly

Was watching a movie with her (on my new favourite channel, Talking Pictures TV) - she was quite extraordinarily beautiful, wasn't she?

She is up there with the very few stars who are so beautiful, it almost hurts to look at them, like staring too hard into a bright light - see also Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or Paul Newman in The Prize.

Just thought I'd mention it, like.

January Jones in early episodes of MM, is a close second to GK

January Jones? Are you having a laugh? 

Morena Baccarin is, for my money, the most beautiful person who has ever lived.

Catherine Deneuve in umbrellas of Cherbourg?

Bardot in her prime (tainted by the poisonous viper she’s become)

natasha kinski in tess 

the bird in Betty blue

Monica Belluci in her prime


I’d have married a French film actress but I didn’t have.....

The most beautiful actress of all-time imo was Hedy Lamaar, although Dietrich runs her a very close second. Even in the '50s in films like No Highway in the Sky (a real underrated classic, if you haven't seen it) and Witness for the Prosecution, Marlene was gorgeous.

Beatrice Dalle was Betty Blue.  If that film had been a decade later it would have had songs from Jagged Little Pill on the soundtrack.

Talking Pictures is great! Proper black and white rainy Sunday afternoon fare. 

Isn't it though, dusty!  I fecking love it (even if some of the movies contain, ahem, problematic depictions of anyone who isn't white, middle aged, or male...)

Re the examples above - yeah, a lot of them are attractive, charismatic, sexy, etc. but very few of them are undilutedly beautiful in the way La Kelly was.

Talking Pictures is good. A lot of it is dross, but you do occasionally get a British movie gem from the '40s or '50s which even I haven't seen. It's good for TV plays from the '60s too.

Kris Akabusi heh



i have worshipped Grace Kelly since I first saw High Society when I was a teenager. She’s just so beautiful it’s like she’s not human. 

I have the same admiration for, wait for it, Beyoncé.  I think that woman has redefined beauty and strength. 

Wonder if that’s the first time those two have been in the same sentence 


Kris Akabusi still hehheheh 

Ava Gardner is the other one of that sort of era who was almost uncomfortable to watch, she was so stunning. She had a lot more sex appeal than Grace Kelly though. 

Of modern actresses I think Lily James is  almost uncomfortably  beautiful although oddly don’t particularly fancy her

I’ve never seen Vivien Leigh or Ava Gardner we drop dead gorgeous. They have smouldering discontent as their physical mojo. GK has crackling joy, not gloom. 

She was so beautiful in the BBC War and Peace it disturbed my equilibrium for a while. 

She was so beautiful in the BBC War and Peace it disturbed my equilibrium for a while. 

Beatrice Dalle is brutally hot in Betty Blue but uncomfortable to watch for different reasons and not really even conventionally beautiful.  

The mental is strong in that one. She once claimed in an interview to have eaten a dead man's ear. 

Agreed re Ava Gardner, completely breathtaking...

See also Sophia Loren, e.g. in Houseboat

And also agreed re Beyonce - watching her perform live, I began to wonder if she might actually be some sort of bot : it was like she was lit from the inside out, nature really took its time putting her together.  (Shame it all goes a bit wrong once she opens her mouth to speak, but still...)

I think, in terms of modern day actresses, Jessica Alba comes the closest to that same eye watering beauty.

As for blokes, see also that Alexander Skarsgard...

Trouble is, like Princess Di, I can only think of her in terms of golf shots:

'Princess Grace: should have taken a Driver;

Princess Di: shouldn't have taken a Driver'

Cru - was it the Glasto performance? I so know what you mean.

I was watching it with my wife, son and daughter. And we were all sort of hypnotized. A strange golden hue to everything (lighting, hair, skin tone, clothing) and impeccable non-human levels of accuracy in the timing of dance and voice. Mesmerising.  I felt like we were being hypnotized by something.

Muttley - actually, on account of what I am a meeja darling, it was a much smaller, "invitation only" event, an album launch, I think - so the effect was even more powerful close up, because we were close enough to see if there was even the tiniest flaw, and there really wasn't.  And she brought the same levels energy and professionalism to it as if she had been performing to hundreds of thousands of people, rather than 300 odd of us - although, even the most jaded muso type fell in love in that moment, it felt like you were in the presence of something superhuman.

Nice. If she were in an episode of V I would not be surprised if she peeled off the outer layer to disclose her lizard person status.

Exactly.  She just didn't miss a beat, the voice was still on point, even her sweat looked like diamonds (although, actually, I don't think she is the best dancer ever).  But, yes, I think she may have been created in the same place that made faberge eggs.

In terms of sheer gorgeousness, old style, see also, Dirk Bogarde.

anyone said Emmanuelle Beart yet?  Emmanuelle Beart

The Country Girl - she largely plays "frumpy", as if such a thing were possible...  She won an Oscar for it.

even her sweat looked like diamonds


That is a superb set of words. Su fecking perb.

I don't think I've seen that one (or at least not recently) She was great in Mogambo, To Catch a Thief and Rear Window

I hate High Society though because I love the Philadelphia Story

agree re beauty. As for male beauty, Mel Gibson in the 80s

not so much hottie actresses as unnaturally beautiful ones (of course usually but not always will be both)


(early 80s before mullet, obv)

I'm a sucker for red hair so from that era Rita Hayworth.

‘As for male beauty, Mel Gibson in the 80s‘

um. Queenie. WTF? This is just so .. so... so ... wrong. 

I think that Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry days shaped my entire ideal of male sex appeal. 


pity about his politics. 

Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were both breathtaking, though strangely lacking in sex appeal.  GK's gowns in To Catch A Thief are gorgeous.  In their prime, their faces  were like beautiful artworks, and perfect at every angle.

Ah, good call re Mr Eastwood, he was so fecking sexy...

Queenie E, you hate High Society?  I didn't buy into Bing Crosby nearly as much Cary Grant, but I loved them both (and I would watch Katherine Hepburn recite the phone book) - although I think that Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm made the difference.

But, the pre-wedding scene, when Grace Kelly floats in wearing that dress...

Would you let him fire six shots or only 5?  Or would you just lose count in all of the excitement 

I wouldn’t be counting in the first place wang. 

well Queenie... I guess in a way it’s a good thing that we all appreciate different qualities. 

Mel Gibson has always just been YUCK for me because he is the embodiment of everything I despise about Australian men.  Same goes for Russell Crowe.. even though I do watch Gladiator and think... hmmm. 

Russell Crowe has always had the face of a potato.

ML - it's for beautiful people of every sex, hue, woteva.

SCT - have you seen The Grass Is Greener?  Vivien Leigh's wardrobe is breathtaking, I kept pausing just to look at some of her outfits : on in particular where she is wearing a dress with a voluminous skirt, on top of cigarette pants...  Blooming blimey.


Yeah.. he is still a bit hot in Gladiator though. I think it’s all the leather and sweat. 

He was beautiful in the early 80s though - The Year of Living Dangerously, The Bounty, Mrs Soffel, Gallipoli, lost it a bit by the late 80s. I was obsessed with The Bounty and used to watch it every day as a teenager blush

Cru, High Society makes me cringe. I think it's miscast and fluffy whereas the Philadelphia Story is perfect

Having just watched Cru’s  YouTube link above I can confirm that neither Carey Grant nor Robert Mitchum do anything for me. 


Ok. I’ve just googled Mel Gibson in the Bounty. 

I will concede that objectively speaking he has qualities that one might consider attractive. 

but every time I look at him I hear that awful voice and accent... nope nope nope. 

Wang, he could keep firing as long as he liked, ifuknowhaddimean...

I don't think Cary Grant was sexy, but he had that proper magnetic film star quality


Scylla, agreed (although there is something about Grant's voice...)

No, that link was just for a snapshot of Ms Leigh's wardrobe - actually, the movie itself is on this weekend...

Queenie, it's the fluffiness that I love.  And it's probably worth it for "Well, Did you Evah" alone.  But, I agree, Philadelphia Story is vastly superior.

have you seen The Grass Is Greener?

I'll check it out, fanks!

Mel Gibson was a stunna in the 80s, but I'm not sure I can bear to watch anything with him in it now.  Same with Tom Cruise - great actor and beautiful in his prime - but even with Top Gun, all I see now is Xenu, the couch jumping, and the crazy over-laugh.

PS confused re Grass is Greener link - do you mean Jean Simmons' clothes rather than Vivien Leigh?

I always thought Sophie Marceu was one of the most beautiful actresses ever.  

There is a difference between stunning and beautiful or sexy and beautiful. 



ive never heard any man use that phrase

and I honestly don't know the difference between "stunning" and "sexy"

Laydeez - you fancy Clint Eastwood BECAUSE of his politics not DESPITE.... devil has all the best tunes etc. 

Beatrice Dalle in Manon Des Sources (or whatever it’s called) ohgodyeah. 

There was a ludicrously hot (and beautiful) librarian in my university library - luminous- absolutely impossible to concentrate if she was stacking shelves anywhere in the vicinity. 

heh at "girl hot" never heard this either.


"Beatrice Dalle in Manon Des Sources (or whatever it’s called) ohgodyeah". 

That was Emmanulle Beart.

Sorry yeah - but distracted....

Either of them in either film = mighty fine

Was looking at some pictures of Emily Ratajowski “flaunting her assets” in the Hate a few days ago and although mechanically very well put together she just doesn’t have the magic of most mentioned on this thread - too self obsessed maybe?

Queenie E - doh, sorry!  Of course I mean Jean Simmons!

No one has mentioned Marilyn Monroe yet - surprised by that. 

MM was sexy clearly wouldn’t say she was a beauty for the ages though

Wot Guy said - MM was clearly sex on legs, but not a great beauty.

That’s true fair point - she really was sex on legs. Not a great beauty but if I had to choose....


My mother had a relationship before marrying my father with a man who was an absolute Paul Newman lookalike right down to the eyes and smile. It is the eyes and knowing look that define Paul Newman. My mum rather bullishly chose my name on birth after that man (not Paul, the other guy). He was heir to a big business and moved beyond her and she carried a torch. He was my Godfather. My name is the reminder. All a bit awks but fuck me he was beautiful and so was Paul Newman. My second name is my father’s first name. Poor dad- runners up medal. That’s quite inflammatory. 
Paul Newman. So handsome. Something about the look. Gonna take you places but it’s not clear where. I’d be gay for that.  

If Grace Kelly had married Paul Newman the kids would have been a crypto currency 

paul Newman omg so ridiculously hot

and GK so beautiful but mostly in motion - in stills she looks like generic blonde, on film she is a goddess

The way she moves...  How does an actual human being walk like that!

Ooh, a modern one - Gemma Arterton.  She is as close to perfection as you can get, I reckon.