Going to the Anchor and Hope

For a Sunday lunch and getting those big trays of food to serve yourselves with, sharing about 16 bottles of red between 8 of you and waking up on your sofa at 9pm with a craving for cheese.


May the Lord provide for this Sunday m5s

The Sunday lunches still good there? Haven’t been for about 5 years after we had a shit one and the service terrible

Went there a fair bit during last year's Beast

Weird to see who lives in Waterloo

People live in Waterloo? I thought it was a station. 

Stopped going after the waiter suggested that, instead of having two sides of potato, I choose the spinach.

More Newington than Waterloo, isn't it? 

I forgot that place existed, I haven't thought about it since about 2010. It used to be such a big thing.