Brides confessing sexual sins at wedding

Brides are being encouraged by certain churches  to confess their past sexual activities to the congregation as part of the wedding ceremony to 'wipe the slate clean' 

Is this a new thing?

This can only be a total cringefest. Is the relevant church considering everything before wedlock a sin? What if one of your past liaisons is in the congregation?

What Tom said. 

Just another attempt by churches, in a very long history of similar action,  to use shame and public vilification and humiliation as a tool to control and disempower women.

If this is part of the wedding ceremony then get rid of the double standard and make the  groom also  'confess.' 

Including every single time he bashed the bishop and killed millions of his potential  spawn by blowing them into a sock. 





“I agree with this policy, but want to pretend otherwise.”

If this becomes a thing I am going to start taking popcorn and a cushion to weddings so I can properly enjoy the cringefest.

The sock thing.  Is this an actual thing?  Really? 

You realise you are ripping off my babelfish joke from about 12 years ago, right?

I hope not otherwise it’s going to be a verrry long service...

...not that there is any chance I’ll be inside a church. The crypt would open up and take me before I got two steps.

And what Blindtom and Scylla said...

I reckon at most weddings at least one or two people in the congregation have boffed the bride.  Or the groom.  Or both.  In younger, happier, drunker days of course...

An absurd idea! 

I don't and didn't want to know about Mrs J's history in that respect and I doubt very much she would want to know mine...

Pointless exercise on morality.

Or the pastor wants a bit of a tug before presiding. 

Do Catholic brides have to confess all to the priest before the

wedding service?