Barcelona Headz

How long does it take to get from the center of town to the Airport? Going on a work trip in October.

I'd say 30 mins max in a taxi from the Gothic quarter. That's a nice place to stay (more of a local feel) but I've also stayed at the northern end of the port/quay (at Occidental Atenea Mar, which was lovely) and staying there would add probably another 10 minutes.

30 - 40 minutes during the day depending on traffic.  20 minutes if you are doing that run late at night / very early in the morning.

Go on a non football day and it’s half an hourish.  Go on a football day and it’s an hour and a half.

Train goes to Placa Catalunya and various other places. Convenient if you are staying near a stop.


It also goes to El Clot, which I thought appropriate given who the OP is here.

hmmm, going to a conference but the hotel it is in isn't in our Coporate approved hotels. Which means i need to stay miles away. V. annoying.