There was unusual excitement within the Florida legal community this week, as lawyers claimed that the visiting rooms at Miami Federal Detention Centre are being over-run with strippers masquerading as "legal assistants".

Apparently pretty young women are being signed in as paralegals by lawyers representing wealthy drugs lord inmates, according to a Miami New Times report. Once inside the visiting rooms however, there's not much paralegalling: "They take their tops off and let guys touch them" says a scandalised defence attorney Hugo Rodriguez.

Another lawyer claimed that the practice was widespread: "We call them the 'little hoochie mamas'. They are making a mockery out of the prison system here" he explained excitedly.

    A paralegal yesterday

There are reports that guards caught one "legal assistant" and inmate in flagrante in a prison discovery room, whilst prison CCTV apparently captured another performing a strip tease for a prisoner. Other alleged offences include  "paralegals" allowing their inmate clients to drink alcohol through straws placed between prison bars and smuggling in copies of Playboy and thousands of dollars in cash.

So far the FDC has declined to comment.

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Anonymous 02 December 11 20:53

"Apparently pretty young women"?? Well, were they or weren't they?

Anonymous 02 May 12 21:48

'Apparently' needs a comma following: Apparently, pretty women....

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