The SRA has referred Fiona Onasanya to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal following her conviction for perverting the course of justice. 

Onasanya, an ex-Labour MP for Peterborough and former Eversheds real estate lawyer, will face a tribunal hearing after her appeal against the court conviction failed last month. Charges against Onasanya include her failure to behave in a way that maintains trust in solicitors, although the regulator stated that the allegations are "as yet unproven".  Onasanya could be struck from the roll if found guilty of misconduct. 

At the trial last year, the court heard that Onasanya and her brother, Festus, had told police that a former lodger, Aleks Antipow, was driving Onasanya's Nissan Micra when it was ticketed for speeding in July 2017. However, it transpired that Antipow was in Russia with his parents at the time.

The court found Onasanya guilty of perverting the course of justice for multiple lies about the incident. She was subsequently expelled by the Labour party, but still sits as an independent MP. In January this year the Old Bailey sentenced her to three months in jail. She was released after serving one month behind bars.

In March, Lord Justice Leveson refused her permission to appeal. He said it was a tragedy that Onasanya had damaged "probably irreparably, a promising political career" but that there was "absolutely no basis for challenging her conviction".


How the judge saw it.

Onasanya was only elected as Peterborough's MP six weeks before the speeding offence, having unseated the Tory incumbent by 607 votes. Prior to that, she worked as a commercial property lawyer at a variety of firms in Cambridge, including Howes Percival for six months and Eversheds for three years. A recall petition has been set up to determine by 1st May whether the Peterborough constituency want to boot her as their MP. 

In response to the petition, Onasanya posted a video on YouTube last month stating that she was innocent and would continue "to pursue avenues" to clear her name. 

Onasanya did not respond to a request for comment. 

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Anonymous 18 April 19 10:51

Who is avenues? Why does she think he/she will clear her name? Should there be a restraining order???

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