andrew pipe

Bad Dad4Lad.

A tax lawyer who worked for a virtual law firm has been struck off following his conviction for attempting sexual communications with a child.

Daniel Pipe, who was a consultant for Jurit, fell for a sting operation on the Grindr dating app, where his user name was ‘Dad4Lad’.

An undercover police officer using the profile name ‘Josh Josh’ had created a fake profile on which he wrote, “last week half term soooooo bored today, anyone wanna chat”. 

Pipe did, writing “hi” to ‘Josh’, who replied that he was “chilling” because it was half term. 

Pipe escalated matters rapidly, responding, “Nice. Just chilling too jerking my dick to some porn”. 

When ‘Josh’ said that he was 13 years old, Pipe replied, “No Probs” and immediately sent across two dick pics and asked 'Josh' if he has ever “played with a fat one like that”.

In between telling ‘Josh’ about his job as a lawyer, Pipe asked the cop he thought was a 13-year-old boy what he was wearing, saying that he was in a t-shirt and had his “cock out” as “I’m gonna be wanking it all evening”. 

Pipe told ‘Josh’ that he "should be wanking now" as he was old enough and suggested that he could give the boy oral sex and show him how to do it. He added a thumbs up emoji, and said that he was married and that married men “suck better”.

The solicitor then attempted to invite ‘Josh’ over to get a takeaway and watch porn together, telling him he had the house to himself, and providing his address and phone number.

Pipe was arrested at home a month later and convicted in September 2021, having failed to convince the jury that he thought he was communicating with an adult who was roleplaying as a child. 

Pipe maintained his ‘incredibly risky assumption’ defence before the SDT, and attempted to cast the interaction as an isolated “moment of madness”.

But the SDT said the 90 minute online chat indicated it was more than a moment, while the damage Pipe’s misconduct had wrought on the reputation of the profession was “significant”.

“When looked at dispassionately this case was a stark one wherein an adult had pursued a highly sexualised conversation with a person who said he was 13 years old”, the tribunal said.

Pipe, who was featured on Jurit's website until relevantly recently and appeared in a Bonkers Law Firm Website piece last year, was struck off and ordered to pay the SRA's costs of £7,350.

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Question Man 23 June 23 09:39

Yeah, well, er, can we be sure tha... um...


Nope. Even I'm out here.

Pierce Brosnan's lazy cat 23 June 23 09:45

Dad4Pipe would have been a stronger approach

Gobblepig 23 June 23 09:49

Pipe, who was featured on Jurit's website until relevantly recently and appeared in a Bonkers Law Firm Website piece last year, was struck off


This is a disgrace - the SDT should be punishing this fellow, not rewarding him in this onanistic way.

Macaroon 23 June 23 09:53

I knew a lad at school who had an affair with a female teacher 24 years his senior - everyone knew about it, but no-one did anything. Still, he became President of France, so well done to him.

Anonymous 23 June 23 09:55

There’s nothing worse than a nonce. 

Smarticus 23 June 23 10:38

You enjoy mocking a foolish man as he is ruined... Yuck.

Artiless 23 June 23 10:45

Fascinating hill you’ve picked to die on, Smarticus. 

Anonymous 23 June 23 11:19

Not entrapment but feel sorry for the copper who has to pretend to be a 13 year old lad and chat with nonces.

Mr Five Per Cent 23 June 23 11:51

Out of interest, which part of the definition of entrapment does it not satisfy? 


Per LexisNexis: "it is considered to be an abuse of the process of the court for state agents to lure a person into committing illegal acts and then seek to prosecute him for doing so."

Gobblepig 23 June 23 12:14

Mr Five Per Cent: at what point did the police officer say "hey, why don't you send me some pics of your knob, tell me about how you're jerking yourself off, and invite me to engage in underage sexual activity with you"?

Telling he was 13 was not entrapment. 

Winner 23 June 23 13:17

How is this not the top story? Piping hot. 

5% 23 June 23 13:20

I'm not a crime boff but I assume it is based on who propositions who. A plain clothes police officer who is asked if he would like to buy a gram of coke is not entrapping the drug dealer by responding: "I sure do love coke but I have a yuppy lawyer party coming up, got anything stronger?" Even if the only reason he was stood where he was is so that he could b approached by a dealer.

It's playing along with a proposition to see how far the nonce or dealer will take it based on their perception of who they are talking to.

No Answer Woman 23 June 23 13:20

@9.39 - yep, you've finally realised the difference between a serious matter, tried and proven in court, and a malicious or false allegation. Well done you! Keep it up!

Question Man 23 June 23 13:32

@No Answer Woman

You seem to forget that when matters like this are appealed to a "serious court", the man always wins. Just look at the comments on the Bretherton story (and basically any other story where a man is found guilty of misconduct) and you'll see Question Man's wisdom on the matter.

However, Question Man only cares about smearing women and so I have little interest in this story.

alastair rupert chambers 23 June 23 15:49

In French "pipe" is another word for "bj".

Perplexus Law 23 June 23 16:30

Seems a bit weird that it’s an offence to communicate in this way with someone who isn’t actually underage. 

Perplexus law 23 June 23 16:32

Also, I’m not defending the moral nature of this guy’s conduct, but to suggest that it wrought significant damage on the reputation of the profession of which he was completely coincidentally a member seems like the kind of hand-wringing, pontificatory self-justifying bilge in which the SDT and SRA specialise. Who actually things worse of solicitors because this guy was one?

Gobblepig 23 June 23 17:01

To be fair, I don't know what I'm talking about on any of this. I regularly impersonate others on Grindr myself.

Just when you think it can’t get worse 23 June 23 17:10

The Lord Chief Muppet of Rockall 23 June 23 17:30

Cut iz bollocks off!

 I would be quite happy if the following sentence could be passed by our Crown Courts on paedo types:

“It is the sentence of this court that you be taken from this place to a lawful prison, and thence to a place of mutilation, where you will suffer removal of testicles by guillotine, and your testicles be fed to the dog of the Governor of the prison where you were confined prior to your mutilation. And may the other prisoners have mercy on your hole”.



Anonymous 23 June 23 18:06

It’s entrapment when the police go beyond the mere detection of crime and manufacture offences that might not have otherwise been committed. This is far short of entrapment - the police are simply posing as a victim and waiting for offenders to commit the offence. 

Anonymous 23 June 23 20:09

Genuinely amazed at the number of people on here handwringing about entrapment etc.

He's a paedophile.

Do you want the police to catch paedophiles or not?

Anonymous 24 June 23 07:49

Strike off his Dame Cressida and hang him by the Balkans

Toby Greenlord, Freeman on the Land 24 June 23 13:43

In French "pipe" is another word for "bj".


I have a nickname for Boris Johnson too, but it's not "pipe".

Mr Five Per Cent 24 June 23 14:35

Thanks. I should mention that my username is a reflection of how much of my brain I am capable of using. 

George Graham 25 June 23 12:57

He seems like a very unpleasant character but is the public mocking/ humiliation really necessary? He has already lost his livelihood and must be in a terrible place mentally. You worry about possible self harm in a situation like this.

Anonymous 26 June 23 07:35

Are you seriously suggesting that the Police lured the nonce into noncery and this was the first time he’d ever participated in trying to meet an underage boy?

Breathtaking naivety.  


Anonymous 26 June 23 09:53

"He has already lost his livelihood and must be in a terrible place mentally. You worry about possible self harm in a situation like this."

Do you worry? Really?

If a paedophile is willing to self-administer the death sentence, then I don't think anyone here is going to fret that much about it.

George Graham 26 June 23 17:14

Yes, I do worry. IF this is the only thing he has done, then given that nobody has really been damaged by it I would not want to see him hounded to self-harm/ death.

Admittedly there is another worry, which is that he might have committed more offences, with actual victims, and got away with them. It is difficult to sympathise too much but we don't and IMHO shouldn't have the death sentence for being a paedophile.

Anonymous 27 June 23 12:31

Yes, George is talking a lot of good sense and sound progressive thinking here. 

If all that this fine upstanding chap has done is try to molest little boys then I wouldn't want to see him suff...



Wait, what?!

Anonymous 29 June 23 13:24

The nonce looks 60.  You don’t wake up one morning and think, “after 60 years of life without,  I’m now going to give noncery a go”.

Spare your sympathy for somebody deserving of it. 

George Graham 29 June 23 19:31

I didn't say he shouldn't be punished for trying to molest little boys. He should and has been. But I think a criminal conviction and being publicly stripped of your livelihood (life probably ruined, probably ending up as a Deliveroo driver) is enough. I don't think internet tarring and feathering is necessary. Just an opinion. 

He might well have committed other offences but you can't convict/ punish for that without evidence.

No Answer Woman 29 June 23 21:10

A serious court will overturn the decision against Bretherton because it was unfair (for a start he was named and his accusers weren't), not because he is male.

However, No Answer Woman is only interested when females are making the accusations, so I have no interest in this story.

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