The Skadden solicitor jailed as part of the FBI's investigation into collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign team and Russia has been struck off.

Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch national and BPP graduate who worked at the US firm's London office, admitted lying to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about his contact with Trump campaign aide Robert Gates. 

As an associate he worked on a report with (now ex-) Skadden partner Gregory Craig for the Ukraine government. But he was tipped off that, following a regime change, the country was now investigating Skadden for its work.

As a result, van der Zwaan recorded on his dictaphone calls to Gates and Craig discussing his concerns about the ramifications of the investigation. In email correspondence with Gates and since-convicted Trump ally Paul Manafort, he also entertained leaving Skadden to work for the pair.

When Mueller came calling, van der Zwaan found himself on a plane to Washington D.C. for an "intense" eight and half hour interview with the FBI and the Special Counsel's Office. Skadden was still representing him and, because he didn't want the firm to find out he was contemplating leaving, or sack him for secretly recording calls, he withheld the incriminating information. Unfortunately for van der Zwaan, the Special Counsel had some of it already, and presented it at the interview.


"And my next pick for Attorney General is..."

Afterwards, van der Zwaan came clean to Skadden and dug up copies of the emails and recordings stored on various devices including an a damaged iPhone. He handed all of it over to the firm and Mueller's team, along with passwords to his email accounts.

It wasn't enough. Skadden fired him for gross misconduct, and he was brought back to the States for another grilling and then tried.

"He was essentially caught red-handed” said Judge Jackson, who pronounced herself "not terribly moved" by his argument that he should not serve time in prison because he had already been stuck in his hotel room for months with nothing to do. Ruling that he was no "deer in headlights", she sentenced the 33-year-old to 30 days and a $20,000 fine.

In mitigation in the UK, van der Zwaan told the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal that he "panicked" when faced with the prospect of revealing his recorded calls and job musings to the FBI in front of his Skadden lawyers. But he accepted that he should be struck off, which he was. He was ordered to pay £3,095 costs.

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Abonymous 20 July 19 18:47

The Russian Hoax was a creation of a criminal international cabal that is closely tied to international banking.  The politicians and their associates are puppets.  In the USA the cabal used a puppet Robert Mueller who spent 12 years as FBI chief covering-up the 47 story  Tower 7 controlled demolition.  He did that well and they promoted him.  So the Puppet Masters Created  Russian Hoax that was designed to create political turmoil in both countries.  Instead we  the people need to take action against the criminal banking cartel oligarchy  that hs hijacked our nations!    They are a great Sanger to humanity and we must work together to cancel nations debts and end their criminal activities.

Why Can't People See? 22 July 19 13:21

You really should read Mueller's report before you declare it a conspiracy or witch hunt. The only reason Trump isn't in jail is because he is the President. On the conspiracy stuff, the standard for criminal prosecution is different from the standard for impeachment. With a normal Congress, Trump would have been impeached already. With McConnell and Graham and all the corrupt Republican slime bags kissing Trump's behind, that's unlikely to happen. 

Still, the Democrats will start impeachment inquiries later this year to spell out exactly what Trump did wrong so that the American people can witness the corruption and lies in the lead up to the 2020 election. 

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