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Has your firm been a sparkler or a damp squib?

If you work in private practice, now is the time to have your say in RollOnFriday's definitive survey of law firm satisfaction.

The poll is anonymous and takes a few seconds to enter. Just rate how happy you are with your pay, your career development, your work/life balance, the management, and the firm's culture. 

It is open to everyone in a law firm, from the solicitors to the IT team to the Managing Partner to the PAs.

The final results produce a comprehensive ranking of the best firms to work for in the UK, revealing which firms are taking care of their workforce, and which are miserable places in dire need of a good, hard look at themselves.

The champion will be crowned RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2022, while the worst performer will be anointed the Golden Turd. But even that can be a blessing in disguise. Many firms which have done poorly in the past have taken a stiff drink, engaged with the results and turned things around.

If your firm's seen you right, even better: it's a great way to let everyone know what they’re doing so well.

Has your firm behaved impeccably in the pandemic? Has it stiffed you on pay? Take the survey today.


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Anonymous 05 November 21 09:01

We're sinking faster than the Belgrano.


PS. Our new office is shit.








🤔 05 November 21 09:52

It will be interesting to see how Freeths do. 

I assume badly, because Partners photoshopping the face of young recruits onto Pamela Anderson’s body feels a bit creepy to me.  However maybe Freeths is full of that kind of person and they’ll get a good score? 

Anonymous 05 November 21 10:34

PAs at A&O are the lowest paid compared to their competitors…’s actually quite embarrassing now whilst management drag their feet on “Project Crescent”.  The future support role. It’s been nearly a year!!  Regardless what happens…it will be more work.  No extra pay and probably a new job title to make us feel special.  Please also stop with our Compass check-ins where we have to BEG for feedback three times a year from our partners/fee earners.  They don’t care! All they care about is getting more money which they always seem to get. #snowflakegeneration “keeping the talent happy”.

Anonymous 05 November 21 11:09

My firm is not on the list. They must feel they can get away with scary honesty of the past employees. 

John McFerret 05 November 21 13:28

I'm just getting the odds and can confirm that Slater & Gordon remain odds on to complete another year of misery 8/15 roll up roll up

Anon 05 November 21 14:55

@9.52 where did you hear that- not seen the pics.

Sure they will do fine as going through some exciting changes right now with new management board. 

Lots of investment in recruiting like all firms - wonder if there will be many merges as everyone is competing for the same 'talent'!

🤔 05 November 21 15:25

Anon 14.55 … I read about it on a website called Roll on Friday. 

Well worth reading the comments about Freeths too. 😃 

Anonymous 05 November 21 15:35

Is the exciting new management board at Freeths made up of the very same people who turned a blind eye to the behaviour of Ian Tempest and others for many years? 

Anonymous 05 November 21 17:48

Never heard Freeths’ new management board described as exciting before.  Little change from the old guard.  Arrogant and condescending a more fitting description.  

Little genuine regard for employees and lip service given to diversity and wellbeing issues.  The pursuit of being crowned the Golden Turd firm of the year is on.

Anonymous 05 November 21 20:59

Problem of being at a small firm like mine (Howard Kennedy) is that the partners don't have to guess too hard to see who posted what so my guess is that you'll never know how good or bad it is here...

Anonymous 06 November 21 07:28

Herbert Smith is a good place to work if you’re not a PA and not managed by awful managers who pretend they know what they do and more importantly judge you on what you do!

Anon 06 November 21 07:41

I’m keen to see how BCLP fares this year now that the consequences, both intended and unintended, of the fabled Project Advance are becoming apparent. One could definitely say that BCLP doesn’t have a revolving door with regard to talent retention because judging by recent departures and hires it looks like it’s a one way door marked exit. It feels like a proper run on a bank. Headhunters circling picking off the talent and leaving the dross behind. The worst thing is that the rank and file are being totally kept in the dark by the partners with a number of partners, desperately trying to maintain stability and buy time while looking after themselves, saying that all is well and the firm is fantastic and doing great when it is plainly not. 

Anon 06 November 21 17:20

@ Anon 0741 - agreed.   Lots of good people have left or are looking to leave the London office.   The merger which everyone knows was actually a takeover of BLP has caused a significant loss of direction and purpose - which spending a fortune on management consultants isn't going to solve.  

Boston PI lawyer 07 November 21 01:22

So unhappy, I left and started my own. It's the best thing I have ever done. I would recommend any young lawyer in the US do it. 

Anon 07 November 21 09:18

@ Anon 06 November 21 08:53

Poorly thought out combination of the two legacy firms - each with their own legacy issues.

Sticking plaster strategy of getting management consultants in to tell you what you wanted to hear (focus on real estate as that what’s currently making you money).

Implementation of Project Advance seems rushed and cack-handed (to take advantage of the focus on the pandemic and to distract from what the firm was really up to?).

Very high number of partner departures (highest in the City according to headhunters who monitor such things) which include some recently joined but also long standing big names.

Associates now beginning to leave in a steady stream as they see the direction of the firm taking shape (all things real estate) and partners leaving. The chat among associates about which partners are about to leave/looking leave is alarming. The stats about NQ retention has been positive but that masks the reality of the retention after 1PQE - leaving in numbers.

Add in poor comms from the partners and management. the firm cancelled the firm wide subscription to The Lawyer - presumably to slow down dissemination of news to employees, which is odd as breaking news in The Lawyer is usually how partners find out which fellow partners are leaving/have left!!!

Let’s see what things look like in 12 months time. 


Le Anon 07 November 21 13:12

Literally never seen my firm (smaller mid-sized city firm known for property, planning and infrastructure work) mentioned on here. Dunno if that's a good or bad thing.

Anonymous 09 November 21 17:08

I mean if can't state my gender on this form any information I might give is innacurate to the point of being meaningless. Talk about cancelling. I'm erased! My whole identity and experience deemed irrelevant by someone who's only interested in what's between my legs (not that he would stand a chance of getting access). 

Anonymous 10 November 21 20:48

Rats fleeing a sinking ship at wbd. Time to stick the boot into the old fellas and…. No, mostly just fellas…. One last time.

Anonymous 11 November 21 06:09

“The final results produce a comprehensive ranking of the best firms to work for in the UK, revealing which firms are taking care of their workforce, and which are miserable places in dire need of a good, hard look at themselves.”

This is true.  I hope any of the law firms who have used marketing teams to prop up results also take a hard look at themselves.

Hungry SA 11 November 21 08:07

My firm is going through some very turbulent times post-merger, with serious attrition rates, lack of direction, the inevitable cost cutting, and the resulting uncertainty for us plebs at the coal face. While this is going on some partners seem to be fiddling while Rome burns; one in particular seems to be trying to eat his way through the turmoil with what seems like endless breakfast, lunches, dinners etc., without an instruction to be seen. Not so much Winner’s Dinners but more Loser’s Lunches. I hope the firm wises up to this and cuts the credit card in half.

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