Four firms were scored lower than 50% for culture in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year survey

"The Beckwith case was the tip of a huge iceberg" said a lawyer at Freshfields (49%). "There is plenty coming down the track in the very near future, so much so, the SRA will probably have to open up a new sexual harassment unit to deal with it all." She added that "the firm's approach to 'investigating' and 'disciplining'" was "utterly incompetent" as it had "a sense of arrogance that things need to be done in a certain (inadequate) way."

"Hopefully the press coverage of some of the predators and bullies in the partnership lead to some culture change", said a junior lawyer at Freshfields.  "A few obvious candidates are yet to be outed.  Would be interesting to see if the new conduct committee prizes rainmaking over ethical obligations." Another senior lawyer pointed to "the great support staff purge three years ago" when "things took a turn for the worse". A junior lawyer said "the annual Christmas bottle of champagne was replaced this year with a tea set. 'Nuff said."

At Blake Morgan (45%)  a junior lawyer said "the individual teams have a good culture and the people I work with are great. But that's nothing to do with senior management, who we almost never see in our office." A colleague said "with such poor performance, a toxic blame culture pervades the increasingly empty offices."

"There's an air of resignation about the place" said a junior lawyer at Blake Morgan ."The good have already left, leaving the bad and the ugly at the helm. Staff cafes have closed down, IT has been disastrously outsourced, rendering a poor service even worse." Another member of staff said "it's like a morgue. So many people have left and those who remain are all zombies, the walking dead."


Watson Farley Williams (42%) got the lowest score for culture last year.  This year, the firm came second-from-bottom. "The firm has responded to last year's results by setting up a committee, which is promoting both short term 'wins' like introducing a 'dress for your day' clothing policy and free fruit," said a senior lawyer,  "and will be looking at longer term changes as well." A junior lawyer said "it's a miserable environment. And getting worse despite the firm re-badging the director of learning and development as director of culture."

"The fact that we have a director of culture at all says it all" said a junior lawyer at WFW.  "Despite coming bottom of survey for culture last year the firm has done nothing to improve things and have generally made it worse" said a lawyer.  "No wonder there is a continuous stream of people to fighting to leave."  A senior lawyer said the firm had "backstabbing associates, warring partners" and "downtrodden PAs. The problem starts at the top when the solution should start there". A colleague said "after last year's result they brought in free fruit before 12 noon. I am afraid the culture here needs more than a free banana to fix it."

The Golden Turd of 2020, Slater and Gordon, scored the lowest mark for culture (22%). "No culture, no values and no morals" said one lawyer. Another chimed in "it's a culture of hate and pity".

"Culture as in bacteria that grows and festers?" said a colleague, "Yes, that's life at Slater and Gordon." A business services member of staff said the lawyers were "elitist" as they presumed they had "a clear gap in intelligence" as they "did the LPC." He added, "some of the new breed of fast-track, claims handling CILEx scumbags need to wind their pencil necks in a bit." 

"There's a leaving do almost every week," said a senior lawyer at the firm. "Friend after friend has left. It's heartbreaking. I can't see how things will improve until the working conditions improve." Another respondent said "No sense of a future. No sense of professionalism. Just churn work."  

The firm is "run out of Liverpool by the Quindell mafia" said a junior lawyer. Another member of staff said, "there's an external message that S&G cares about mental health, but they foster a culture of bullying and turning a blind eye when they know it's happening." 

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Anonymous 28 February 20 09:27

If S&G was a much loved family dog with tragically paralysed back legs and needed somebody to make it one of those little wheely cart things, nobody would.  Instead they would shoot it, because that would be the kind thing to do.

The Mad Hatter 28 February 20 09:28

Well done WFW. What a difference a year makes. Keep it up and you’ll be out of the relegation zone next year. 

Anon 28 February 20 09:39

Don’t worry Mad Hatter, the magic circle and silver circle view us as competitors across a number of sectors.


Good Friday 28 February 20 10:26

@Anon 09:39:  I presume that is today’s Friday joke - brilliant!  

Anonymous 28 February 20 10:50

What allegations are coming to the SRA from Freshfields? There haven't been reports of any more.

Anon 28 February 20 11:47

@ Anon 9:39

The majority of people at magic and silver circle firms won't have heard of wfw

Ex RJW 28 February 20 12:37

S&G the constant flow of talented people leaving the business means that difficult work is increasingly handled by well-meaning but inexperienced people. The management is a complete disaster living in a bubble and don't care about clients....

Also don’t tell staff to write better reviews on Glassdoor in meetings in order to improve company image and actually treat your staff better to earn the better reviews! Then maybe the staff turnover wouldn’t be so high and staff would not air issues on public forums.


Anon 28 February 20 13:55

The culture at S&G is great, they have a summer boat party, then staff get it on in the basement, its a lust fest, just beware you dont get caught by the security guy as you make sweet love to your boss x

Anonymous 28 February 20 15:56

When I worked there, it was the security guard who alerted me to a meeting room having been used for the purposes of a furtive assignation involving the building being accessed for about 26 minutes starting at around 3a.m. on Saturday morning.

Mr Pickles 28 February 20 17:46

WFW is founded on bizarre lateral hires, that are all starting to leave and it's the associates and support staff who get it in the neck. Whoever recruits for them should be shot

Anonymous 28 February 20 17:49

All staff or just some 13.55?

Anonymous 28 February 20 18:25

Why did the guard alert you, 15.56, and what did you do?

Anon 28 February 20 21:43

No, not all staff 17.49, you have to travel to get some action and be directly on the ball at all times or the mitchell brothers will get you.  If it all goes wrong, youll end up in the nick.

Anonymous 29 February 20 08:11

The Freshfields fiasco goes on and aon and on and on......

Anonymous 29 February 20 10:33

What was the fiasco at Freshfields?

Anonymous 29 February 20 16:11

Freshfields is the worst. Awful leadership and horrible people in management / influential positions. No matter how often they are alerted to how unhappy people are - they still won’t change or take any action.  And their treatment of business services is criminal. Brutal. Bullying has just been accepted as the norm. 

Anonymous 29 February 20 19:41

Could a group of staff at Freshfields get together and write a letter to the Managing Partner setting out their grievances?

Jimbo 01 March 20 18:59

S&G has the most toxic culture!


Anonymous 01 March 20 22:33

Where do you have to travel to, 28th at 21:43? Pray who are the Mitchell Brothers?

Anon & on 02 March 20 17:02

Good Friday @ 10.26 -  Play it again, Sam. There's lots to sing about....

AbsurdinessBrown 05 March 20 02:06

Real Lawyers eat apricots.

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