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"Harry, did you just cast an Evasiono spell instead of an Avoidancem spell?"

Fieldfisher is being sued by one of the UK's most successful literary agents for providing allegedly duff tax advice.

Neil Blair, who oversees JK Rowling's Harry Potter empire, claims that Fieldfisher "wrongly assured" him about the tax status of his investment in the film production of The Book Thief, a 2013 movie starring Geoffrey Rush which made £76 million on its £19 million budget.

The agent and his company, The Blair Partnership, were invited to participate in one of several partnerships which were created by Ingenious, which was already a Fieldfisher client, to exploit tax breaks by investing in movies which included Hot Fuzz and Life of Pi

After HMRC decided that the partnerships constituted unlawful tax avoidance vehicles, hundreds of investors received tax demands, including a pair of Spice Girls, Ant & Dec, several professional footballers, Jeremy Paxman, and Blair. Over 500 participants in the wheeze have sued Ingenious and various advisors for £200 million. 

Blair, who is claiming more than £2 million from Fieldfisher, alleges that the firm should have advised him there was a significant risk that investors would be unable to set off all their losses against other taxable income, given HMRC's increasingly tough treatment of similar attempts to make use of film investment vehicles.

Fieldfisher declined to comment.

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Anon 22 October 21 09:17

Neither the agent nor his company, The Blair Partnership, were Fieldfisher's client.  And yet they were expecting Fieldfisher to advise them of the risks?  

Anonymous 22 October 21 10:54

Yes, that's right 10:23, if Wokies try to cancel somebody but the attempt fails, then it all never happened and we're supposed to pretend that the original attempt to cancel never took place.

Then we all go online and moan that because we failed to cancel one particular person (in this case one of the world's richest and most successful women) it means that 'Cancel Culture' is all entirely made up by right wingers to make us look like petty vindictive brats who can't tolerate opinions that vary from our own, and that nobody has ever been cancelled at all.



Next up, how the "Alt-Right" invented Critical Race Theory to make innocent lefties look and sound stupid.

Or should we do There Was No Such Thing As A Culture War Before Progressives Started Losing It, that's always a popular track?

Sigh 22 October 21 12:39

Here's an idea.


Just pay your bloody taxes and stop being such selfish, avaricious wee goblins.

Annonnymomous 29 October 21 10:59

FF should simply have added the bullet-proof caveat, “This scheme may of course be a total load of horse shit”

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