Karia and his garden where he's planning to plonk the pad

A solicitor-advocate has provoked the ire of his neighbours over his plans for a helipad in his garden, which will enable mega-wealthy clients to fly in.

Mayus Karia, is a "ferocious and meticulous" lawyer according to his bio on the London Litigation Partnership's website. Not hiding his light under a bushel, the bio states that Karia is a "genius in strategic planning of the case from start to finish and a confident team leader...akin to the genius of Field Marshal Montgomery in the battlefield"  

While Monty was up against Rommel's German Afrika Corps, Karia may have to battle irate neighbours annoyed with his plans for a helipad in his garden.

Winchester City Council had previously granted Karia permission to construct the helipad, but limited its use to two personal round trips a month between 8am and 6pm.

However, the lawyer has now applied for unrestricted use to allow for multiple landings and take-offs. Karia's planning agent says in the application that "a loosening of the restriction" was needed "to allow flexibility of irregular visits by some clients." 

The application states that Karia has several billionaire clients, including two high-profile Americans, who need to use the helipad to fly in for consultations.

However, some residents of Dudley village (population of around 1,000) are furious at the prospect of helicopters whizzing by, according to a report in The Times.

A number of the locals have filed objections with the council, with arguments including that the unrestricted flights could disturb pets and livestock.

Some have slammed the lawyer for his "selfish" actions, given that Southampton airport is just seven miles away, and there is also a small airfield nearby.

A retired neighbour in his 70s who lives opposite Karia’s property, with his wife, said they moved to the village for a “peaceful retirement”.

“I’m not opposed to a helicopter now and again, we can accept that, but it’s changed from personal and now sounds like it’s to fly his clients in,” said the neighbour. “Who knows, it could be three, four or six times a week. I don’t think it’s fitting with where we are - it’s not really for the village of Durley.”

Another neighbour complained: “It’s a rural area, there’s cattle and horses that are going to be spooked by a helicopter”. He said it would be “a detriment to the area and it’s not something you expect in Durley”.

One local singer-songwriter who has a studio said the noise could impact her work, and that she had chosen to move to the area "because it was so quiet."

However, not everyone opposed the plans. One resident farmer who had lived in the village for some 40 years said his cattle were used to hearing air traffic. "There are enough helicopters going over here already. They take no notice."

Karia did not respond to a request for comment.

It is not the first time that a lawyer has become embroiled in a row with their neighbours. One lawyer enraged a neighbour with his giant new mansion, another had a neighbourly spat over bee poo, and at least one lawyer has sought an injunction over a neighbour's growling toilet.

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Gobblepig 28 July 23 08:29

This whole thing is a massive piece of free advertising for this fellow, who was a complete non-entity before this story broke. I'll bet the biggest helicopter any of his clients owns came out of a shrink-wrapped box. 

Oh - and he's not a barrister, RoF; he's a solicitor-advocate, [ROF: amended, ta] and the newspapers covering this story have all been told, by someone, that this is an incredibly small and elite group of lawyers. To the amazement of the thousands of us solicitor-advocate out there. 

Heffalump 28 July 23 08:48

not heard of this chap but according to his website the Montgomery comparison came from a silk, rather than being made up, which makes it no worse than lots of other promotional guff solicitors and barristers put on their websites

Anon 28 July 23 09:01

I can’t be the only one who is surprised that ‘several billionaires’ choose to send their legal work to ‘LLP Solicitors’… 

Bob 28 July 23 09:09

Insufferable people on both sides - the 'ferocious litigator' and his obnoxious and braggadocious profile page on one side; and the retired NIMBYs on the other, who are going to get oh so upset if they have to hear a noise for a few minutes a few times a week.

OldFart 28 July 23 09:15

A re-read of Anthony Beevor's Arnhem should cause this ferocious litigator to rethink comparisons with Monty.

Hoofhearted 28 July 23 09:34

Nothing quite says you are worth £1,000 an hour as clients describing you as “above all very competent.“

Corporal Montgomery 28 July 23 10:08

Just wait until his neighbours realise that billionaire clients tend to use body guards, so helicopter landings will require suppressive fire and smoke grenades. Oh yes, lots of smoke grenades.

Anonymous 28 July 23 10:10

Has he actually worked on any reported cases? Even the junior barristers I deal with typically have a hatful of appeal court cases to their name. 

I can't see this dude's name anywhere. For someone akin to Field Marshall Montgomery you would expect experience outside of the County Court.

Anonymous 28 July 23 10:47

"For someone akin to Field Marshall Montgomery you would expect experience outside of the County Court."

Ah, but that's his unique tactical genius you see, his career is perfectly camouflaged at all times.

So he can move in total stealth, with the entire legal profession entirely unaware of his existence or career until such time as he chooses to break cover and tell us that he's actually London's biggest balling litigator advocate.

This was the week that he wanted to activate his trap card. Only in time will we come to appreciate the brilliance of it as a tactical play.

Lord Panicked 28 July 23 12:40

Having read his website bio, I can’t be the only one hoping to be against this fella one day. Just to be up close to the magic… 

CJ Thomson 28 July 23 12:51

The accounts at Companies House make interesting reading.  Not too many clients paying GBP 1,000 per hour then.....

Durley Resident 28 July 23 13:29

I live just around the corner. It’s a vanity project which he is getting a load of publicity from. His garden isn’t that big and his house is sandwiched between a used car lot and a busy road. It was described in the local paper as a £1.2m “mansion”. Not sure what qualifies as mansion but pretty sure it’s not £1.2m, at least not round here. 

His bio is worth a read for a laugh 

Anonymous 28 July 23 15:54

Do a Google search and you will see why he wants his own airport based on him suing the state over his treatment at an airport...

Anonymous 28 July 23 16:04

"This whole thing is a massive piece of free advertising for this fellow, who was a complete non-entity before this story broke"

@Gobblepig - I'm really not sure that much has changed.

Gobblepig 28 July 23 18:27

@anonymous 16:04: he's no longer a complete non-entity.

I guess that makes him an incomplete non-entity. 

Alex H 30 July 23 13:36

Anonymous 28 July 23 11:58

i suspect the outfit is run like chambers - with all the fees paid out to the relevant lawyer, and the trading entity therefore doesn’t want to make a profit.  I guess there are no turnover figures?

But What Happened to the Growling Toilet 31 July 23 14:38

Of greater interest was the resurrection of the Growling Toilet article linked above. Whatever became of James Morris? Did he ever get a good night's sleep or is he still kept awake by the chainsaw massacre toilet???

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