Get a front row seat at the fashion tribunal.

A fashion designer has debuted a collection of outfits inspired by women in law.

Yuhan Wang, a London-based womenswear designer and founder of her eponymous label, unveiled her court collection at the Old Selfridges Hotel last week, although it’s a brave barrister who turns up at the High Court sporting some of her legal looks.  

“I was inspired by women in law and how they’ve shaped our history”, Wang said at a preview, reported Vogue.

Namechecking former President of the Supreme Court Brenda Hale and US Supreme Court justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Wang said her collection was “really a celebration of their confidence and courage, and their contributions to women’s social status and their work around the elimination of gender discrimination”.

Vogue praised Wang’s take on the traditional robes of High Court judges, which she “re-envisioned as a sheer lacy cloak with power shoulders and a flap collar, worn over pleated hot pants and white lacy tights with a garter”.

The fashion bible did note that “even in the more progressive environment of today’s world of law, this look does not meet a professional dress code”.

According to Vogue, there is “plenty of delightful disorder in Wang’s court”, but also some “surprisingly wearable pieces in the mix”.

Vardags might have something to say about that, but ROF wants to hear about your favourite outfits in the comments. 

Female barristers have expressed some reservations.

Citing the look with the garter (pictured above, centre), Barbara Rich commented on X, "Imagine trundling a wheelie case from railway station to court and addressing a court in this?"

Another female barrister said the get up "is like my recurring nightmare where I stand up to cross examine, and only then realise I am just wearing my nightie".

Defending the playful look, barrister Helen Brander tweeted, "I don't know what you're all complaining about. Nice summer outfit, that. Will be lovely and cool when the courtroom's windows won't open, the sun streams in through the broken blinds, and the heating's on full in July".

Rich suggested that the outfits on the KC catwalk needn’t be taken too seriously: “It’s the runway not the real world”. 



Look 1: statement and case.



Look 2: smuggle in a surprise witness.



Look 3: give the old boys a heart attack.



Look 4: add gravitas to your outfit with a robe.



Look 5: that bundle is not properly paginated.



Look 6: this season’s all about Wednesday Beetlejuice KC.



Look 7: Books and bows.



Don’t get the blues, get Look 8. 



Look 9: Judge Æ Spoins holds the record for most dissenting opinions.

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Copycat 23 February 24 09:07

Look 6 looks like a Vivienne Westwood knockoff. 
Look 7 looks like a cheap Chanel copy. 

A collection to inspire IP lawyers. :-D

I can only imagine sauntering into court wearing some of these.  Why yes, Your Honour, you should take me seriously.  This is up there with the stuff on IG account @modelsdoingballet.

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