stb hulk

Now he never wears a shirt (unconfirmed).

Simpson Thacher Bartlett has unsuspended a paralegal who tried to beat up a solicitor - and placed them in the same team.

'Hulk' was sent home by STB last year after he called a colleague of Asian descent 'General Chang'*, ripped off his shirt, and challenged the gobsmacked solicitor to a fight.

Around the same time the troubled lawyer, who was then a paralegal, was accused of also becoming involved in an altercation with a bouncer at a pub near the firm's London office, according to a source.

The firm told RollOnFriday it was investigating, stating, "While Simpson Thacher does not comment on the details of personnel matters, the Firm takes any allegations of misconduct seriously".

Its findings have been kept confidential, but since then, Hulk has been unsuspended, qualified as a solicitor, and joined the same practice as the gentleman he stripped off to batter.

STB declined to disclose whether the two lawyers reconciled by shaking hands, or by scrapping in the carpark until they lay on their backs, exhausted and bloodied, when Hulk confessed he had been going through some heavy personal shit.

The firm did not respond to requests for comment.


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*The name of the actual General cited has been changed to protect the target's identity.

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Anonymous 10 February 23 10:09

Great work from Simpsons. More of this kind of thing please.

A long-overdue return to the thrusting management culture of the late eighties, when law firms cared about making money and not making martyrs.

Wishing Hulk a long and prosperous career.


Also The General, for being such a good sport about it all. 

Anonymous 10 February 23 10:10

Why did he call him General?

Why didn't he call him Colonel?

What was wrong with Mr Ambassador?

Was Field-Marshall unavailable?

Was General meant to be an insult?

Does anyone think it was a compliment?

Why am I asking all these questions?

Anonymous 10 February 23 10:24

The standard required of becoming a Simpson's lawyer must be pretty low these days if partners allow such tomfoolery and racism to thrive. SRA must be sleeping on the job. Good luck to Hulk on his career as a lawyer - seems ripping shirts gets you promoted!

Anonymous 10 February 23 12:09

Big heh at all the Tyrannosaurus armed masters of the lawyerverse who want to see the Hulk in front of the SRA.

Cf 10 February 23 12:48

Cf. Sorry story about the guy who gestures to another guy at a Christmas party sometime in the last decade but who was reprimanded for it by SRA after he left that firm about 5 years ago


Donny Darko's Soundrack 10 February 23 13:57

Young man is a bit aggressive when in his cups non-shocka.  I expect he apologised profusely and everybody moved on. It happens. Well done to STB for being sensible about it. 

STB associate 10 February 23 15:03

Frankly it’s a gross exaggeration to contend that this is a racially motivated incident. There is nothing wrong to call someone by his family name?

A little naive 10 February 23 17:08

@Anonymous 10 February 23 10:09

A long-overdue return to the thrusting management culture of the late eighties, when law firms cared about making money and not making martyrs.

Thrusting? Now I understand the root cause of all the sex scandals.

STB longtimer 11 February 23 10:07

@Elono What sinister, sociopathic hogwash. There is no suggestion that this was a hate incident and the same could easily happen between two oriental, or white, associates. Shit-stirring is IMHO unhelpful and divisive. 

If the firm as an institution is in fact xenophobic we wouldn’t have formed such a diverse workforce. 

Money dispenser 12 February 23 19:50

The truth is we have no time for trivial matters such as this one. If you think this ain’t fair, you know where the door is. 

Anonymous 14 February 23 19:20

It's nice to see a grown up attitude to a bit of drunken stupid.

If the guy was trying to start fights on a weekly basis then by all means take it into HR.

If it's a one off moment of madness from someone who is usually a sterling member of the team and the other party is happy to let it lie then any business with sense would let it go and in 12 or 24 months time wipe it from the record.

It's a big fat nothingburger, albeit a very funny one.

When he's a partner new trainees will whisper this story and be both afraid and eager to work in his team.

Toby Greenlord 14 February 23 19:23

Trial by combat is a time-honoured method of settling disputes.

We often use it for internal problems at my firm.

And Jesus himself cast the first stone at the Sermon on the Mount so there's lots of precedent.

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