RollOnFriday can reveal that a Senior Partner of a top City firm has been rumbled by his own staff after engaging in an extra-marital romp with another partner at a firm event.

The antics - allegedly spotted by numerous fellow lawyers and even bragged about by the Senior Partner himself - took place at a UK resort. RollOnFriday's sources at the firm said that, following a dinner, the philandering partner "hook[ed] up with a younger, buxom [partner]" , and "went to her room on the first night" before spending more time together the next day.

    A Senior Partner yesterday

Of course it's not unusual for lawyers to get it on at work - at Herbert Smith, for example staff, can be found humping on the drinks trollies. But it's usually done relatively discreetly. In this case, however, the lawyers were spotted sending "quite explicit instant messages to each other during the conference" - which apparently the Senior Partner "showed around to brag to a few of the boys". Classy.

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