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Not the first time that's been said in a law firm.

Pinsent Masons has considerably more zoomer cachet than its competitors after appearing in the hit TV show Industry.

The showbiz connection was uncovered by an eagle-eyed source, who spotted that set dressers had failed to remove a Pinsent Masons logo hanging on the wall (hint: it looks a bit like a plectrum).

HBO and the BBC rented a floor of Pinsent's upscale 30 Crown Place office for series 2 of the drama, which follows a group of young graduates as they jostle to get ahead in London's investment banking market. 

industry pm

Above: lawyers acting. Below: actors banking.

Industry's focus on drugs and sex among young professionals has scandalised prudish critics. The Sun called it "the BBC’s filthiest show", and the New Statesman wailed that it was "porn posing as prestige TV". Season 2 has received a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which summed it up as a "superlative sophomore season full of frustrated ambitions and tested loyalties".

The scenes shot at Pinsents were sadly devoid of raunch, but did involve some frustrated ambition and tested loyalty. The firm's 15th floor premises doubled as the City branch of a German bank, where Rishi the trader, Eric the MD, and Harper, the main character, take a crucial meeting.

industry pinsent masons

Recreate the magic by booking room 1504.

Spoiler alert, the meeting does not go well.


Prize for the best on-location recreation, send to [email protected].

The fallout involves salty language that RollOnFriday is confident never gets uttered when Pinsent Masons is in the building.


Bankers. So crass.

Although some of the dialogue probably has graced the firm's corridors.


Typical post-pitch debrief.

Pinsent's swanky workplace is an in-demand location. Its office has featured in other TV shows including Luther and Temple, and a Pinsent Masons spokesperson said there were "more in the pipeline".

"Our London colleagues are fortunate and proud to be able to work in a building that makes a great setting for a number of high profile films and TV programmes", she said, although "it goes without saying that filming never interrupts the working day and that business comes first".

Staff are kept at arms length from the talent, as "the sets are always closed, particularly if they are filming a blockbuster with high profile celebrities". But thanks to Industry's production crew mistaking Pinsent's logo for an artwork, at least the firm has been immortalised in a gen-z smash. That's one better than 1 Crown Office Row chambers, which appeared in Mission: Impossible 5 when Tom Cruise jumped through a window.

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Anonymous 07 October 22 09:53

Had a great completion meeting there earlier this year.  


Good selection of snacks.  Managed to get locked in the no man's land between the lifts and reception after hours until a kindly trainee rescued me.  You know when you've spent too much ime at home during the pandemic when you make amateur mistakes like this.  Luckily I did have a Franca Manca pizza with me (other pizzas are available).

GF1975 07 October 22 15:01

That's a logo?  I thought it was some adhesive, where something had fallen off the wall.

Anonymous 09 October 22 08:49

I hope they graduate to Cruise. TV, even prestige TV, is still TV

Anonymous 09 October 22 08:54

If Idris shot in my office I would have a framed picture of the moment hanging in it. 

Anonymous 09 October 22 09:36

Firms should make more of the celebrities who filmed in their offices. Another factor to help them win clients. ‘Our commercial offering is underpowered, but look, James Nesbitt was here for season 2 of Bloodlands’. 

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