Tom Cruise is shooting an action scene for Mission: Impossible 5 at One Crown Office Row chambers.

Chambers Director Bob Wilson told RollOnFriday that staff were sceptical when a man asked whether they would mind if he filmed Tom Cruise jumping through a window. After they established that he was serious, the Cocktail star himself came in "warmly greeting everyone". Clerk John McLaren managed to sneak pictures of Cruise's tour without having to suspend himself from a light fitting or even don a latex David Beckham mask, instead just holding his phone behind his computer like a real spy.

  "So I'm going to bounce off the sofa, through that window and then land on Xenu"

Cruise, who is famous for doing his own stunts and has decided that he needs to crash through two windows instead of one, has already returned to design the action scene. Wilson says that "Tom" (Mr Cruise to you) has befriended everyone, meaning productivity has plummetted and staff, any one of whom could be the next Alamuddin, are "in meltdown".

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