The owner of a luxury boat company has been falsely smeared as a lawyer who is terrible in bed.

In response to the state of Georgia passing a law which will make it illegal for women to obtain an abortion six weeks after conception, Alyssa Milano, a Hollywood actress, proposed women fight back with a 'sex strike'. 

When a woman replied on Twitter that withholding sex from men also punishes women because "this idea frames sex as something hetero women are subjected to rather than enthusiastic participants in", a user purporting to be a lawyer named Brad Anderson posted a revealing rebuttal:



Anderson's bold confession went viral, and the responses were swift and harsh.





A search of Anderson's account revealed unsavoury views which were also quickly shared. Users who googled his name and image found that Anderson was not only a lawyer, but the president of Sea Ray Boats, a luxury yacht company in Tennessee, and piled on to its social media channels. While thousands laughed at Anderson, his Twitter account was swiftly suspended.


But when RollOnFriday got in touch with Sea Ray Boats to find out how a lawyer in Ohio was also a boat builder in Tennessee, and also awful at sex and proud of it, it discovered that Anderson's detractors may have been catfished. The company said that Anderson was not a lawyer, and did not own the disastrous twitter account. 


"We recently were made aware of certain inflammatory remarks posted on social media allegedly made by a member of our leadership team", the company said. "We immediately launched an investigation and concluded that an unidentified individual falsely created a social media personality to impersonate the member of our management team, which presented extremist views* that are inconsistent with our Company’s values and beliefs". 

Everyone laughing at Anderson, it claimed, had actually been tricked by an anonymous troll who lifted his identity and married it to a profile stating that he was a lawyer.

The panicked company said it was pursuing "all available options, including notifying the appropriate law enforcement agencies and social media channels".

*Before you ask, yes, it is extremist to claim Anderson has not pleased a woman.

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